Look younger in 10 seconds with ‘age-defying’ hair hack

Celebrity hair stylist gives tips on how to colour your hair at home

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Hair stylist Justin Hickox took to YouTube to share how women can look younger at home with just a few style tricks, including one hack that takes less than a minute.

Got 10 seconds and want to look younger instantly? Get rid of that centre parting.

Justin explained: “The problem with centre parts is that they take away any ability to create volume in the crown.

“If we’re talking about age-defying looks, what we need to understand is that you want to accentuate cheek structure and bone structure – you want to lift the eye up.”

According to Justin, creating volume in the crown is how this can be done in a matter of seconds.

He explained that not only does a centre parting take away volume from the crown, it actually adds volume to the sides.

This brings the eye down, which is the opposite of what we want if we want to look more youthful.

Styling the hair so there is more on one side of the face will add some body, frame the face and take away years instantly, according to the expert.

The next problem many women make with their hair is that they don’t bother to style it.

This means they cannot add volume to the hair and it may hang limply – especially if it’s longer.

Justin said: “Taking the time to put some product in it, getting some volume in it and start stying and putting shape into it is a huge deal.”

But adding volume here, there and everywhere is not the key, according to Justin, and can actually make things worse.

For example, those who have longer faces should not be adding lots of volume to the top of their heads, as this will elongate the face.

In contrast, those with fuller faces should avoid creating too much volume at the sides of their face.

“Paying attention to where you put volume for your specific face shape is absolutely key.”

These tips can all be done at home and can take as little as a few minutes.

However, some anti-ageing magic must be reserved for the hair salon, such as cut and colour.

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When it comes to hair length, Justin argued that having hair that is too long can be very ageing.

He stated: “Taking the hair shorter is not going to make anyone look older.

“Any time we’ve got hair that’s too long means that we’re dictated with how short we can cut the layers.

“This means that even though it’s been layered it can still be heavy and long.”

This doesn’t mean women have to chop off all their hair in order to look youthful. Justin said: “It just has to be short enough so that the layers are short enough to create shape”.

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