Love Island’s Gemma and Luca’s ‘awkward’ date decoded: ‘He’s insecure and she’s not into him’

Love IslandcoupleLuca BishandGemma Owenfinallyhad their first datein Wednesday’s episode of the ITV show – but while the couple heaped praise on each other, a body language expert has revealed how their actions tell a different story.

The pair enjoyed a picnic by the seaside where they sipped drinks and talked about the possibility of a future with each other outside of the show.

Luca joked that he felt like he was “going to propose” and as the pair continued to discuss what they like about each other, he told Gemma: “I haven’t met someone like you before. I think it’s rare to meet someone like you.”

Speaking exclusively to OK!, an expert has decoded their actions on the date and revealed how one of Gemma's subconscious gestures suggest she's simply not that into Luca.

Inbaal Honigman admitted their date was “awkward to watch” and pointed out that while Gemma’s posture shows she was comfortable in Luca’s presence “every time he says something a bit cringey, her left shoulder tenses.”

She explained: “Raising shoulders can be a flirty sign when coupled with a smile, or an 'I dunno' gesture with a shrug, but here it appears like a stress response, as if she wants to put a bit of protection between herself and Luca.”

Luca showed just how much he likes Gemma on the date, telling her he believes the pair have something special while adding that he “loves” getting to know her.

Addressing Luca's body language, Inbaal said: “He uses his hands to punctuate his words with very open gestures which reveal his innocent fondness for Gemma."

Following the pair’s date she walked back to the villa hand in hand to reveal all to their fellow Islanders, however Inbaal was not taken in by their closeness.

“Their hand holding is not spontaneous," she said. "These are not two people who can't keep their hands off each other. Gemma in particular, holds Luca's hand like you'd hold a TV remote, in a functional, not a romantic way.”

When they got back to the villa, the couple automatically split up with Luca telling the boys the date was “was unbelievable” and that the pair “want to be boyfriend and girlfriend”.

As he spoke he stroked his leg, which according to experts is an act of “self soothing”.

Inbaal explained: “Luca is telling the boys about Gemma's reaction, while repeatedly stroking his shin. He's feeling insecure and so engages in self-soothing, he's not sure if Gemma enjoyed the date as much as he did.”

Tasha asked Gemma if she felt like she was falling for him to which she said “oh yes for sure”.

However, Inbaal notes her “tense shoulder” makes an appearance, perhaps betraying more than Gemam is saying.

“Gemma talks to the girls with her stressed shoulder making a few appearances. She's not absolutely sure that he is the guy for her," she concluded.

Luca and Gemma have been coupled up since early on in the show, though bombshell Danica made an unsuccessful play for Luca when she entered.

The duo soon got back together and showed their dedication to each other with neither straying during Casa Amor – where Luca even went as far as sleeping outside on his own to prove his dedication to Gemma.


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