Man claims his dad cooked Fleshlight sex toy believing it to be ‘vegan meat’

An Irish man has claimed that his dad cooked his sex toy in a shocking tweet which has people questioning if it’s real.

The Dublin man, known as Callum O'Duinn, shared a photo to his 4,023 followers yesterday evening which quickly went viral.

Callum, under the handle @calimadu, posted two photos of a text conversation between himself and his mum.

In one photo is a plate with his dad's dinner on top.

The plate contains roast potatoes, shredded red cabbage, what looks to be brown sauce and a rudely shaped slice of meat.

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In the second photo is a text supposedly sent from the man’s mum to Callum.

The text reads: “Callum is this one of your vegan meat tings? (sic)

“Your dad cooked it for lunch thinking it was… but it’s like rubber… had to throw it out, don’t know how you eat that sh**e xx”

Callum posted the exchange to Twitter with a caption claiming that his dad had not in fact cooked a vegan meat alternative, but had instead roasted the man’s sex toy.

The caption read: “Put my Fleshlight in the freezer to disinfect and my dad thought it was vegan meat. So he cooked it.”

A Fleshlight is a brand of male sex toy consisting of a flesh-like material which is moulded into a sleeve housed in a plastic outer use which is fashioned to look like a large flashlight – hence the name.

On the end of the sleeve is an artificial vagina, anus or mouth orifice.

This type of sex toy is often used for masturbation.

It is this opening which Callum is claiming can be seen in the cooked meat-like item on his dad’s plate.

As of 1pm today, the tweet had been retweeted 12.6k times and had received 74.2k likes.

Some commenters were shocked, with one saying: I refuse to believe this, I can’t.”

Another wrote: This sh*t don’t make no sense…”

A third added: “It’s probably not [real] but I’m deleting this app anyway.”

One person claimed that they could not “ever recover from this.”

Some fans chimed into the conversation with jokes.

One said: “What’s for tea? Vulva and chips OK?”

Another added: “Flashlight fillet.”

A third commented: “This would be delicious with a zesty white sauce!”

Some even appeared concerned about the disinfecting ability of freezing the sex toy.

One person said: “Freezing doesn’t disinfect anything, TF.”

Someone then replied saying: “At negative 40 Celsius it kills most bacteria.”

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In a follow up tweet Callum wrote: “50k likes and I’ll share the vegan sautéed Flashlight recipe.”

In the end, though, it appears that the man may have been making a joke over an unfortunately shaped piece of gammon.

In a third tweet, he wrote: “This is a JOKE, Jesus.”

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