Man finds Diane Keaton’s 1966 driver’s license – and returns it!

Better late than never! Man finds Diane Keaton’s 1966 driver’s license – and old family photos – in an abandoned storage locker, as the actress admits, ‘I’ve lost my wallet many times!’

  • New Yorker Anton Lulgjuraj, 45, bought an abandoned storage locker at an auction in May
  • Inside were a deceased Air Force pilot’s old things – and a brown wallet containing Keaton’s license and pictures
  • It also had her Actors’ Equity card from the 60s
  • Diane came across an article written about Lulgjuraj’s find, and he has now mailed the 72-year-old actress her things

A New York man was hoping to find some hidden treasures inside the abandoned storage locker he bought at auction in May, but he mostly had monetary wins in mind when he started rummaging through what was inside.

Suffice it to say, he was shocked when the contents included a piece of Hollywood royalty history. 

According to the Daily News, Anton Lulgjuraj, 45, was incredulous when he discovered an old wallet belonging to Oscar winner Diane Keaton among the deserted goods.

What a find! New Yorker Anton Lulgjuraj, 45, bought an abandoned storage locker at auction and found Diane Keaton’s old wallet inside

Not lost! The wallet contained the 72-year-old’s license and old photos

When rental fees go unpaid on storage units for some time, the owners will often auction off what’s inside to clear the space, and some bidders have been known to score some interesting swag this way.

Earlier this year, Lulgjuraj bought an abandoned storage locker at auction at Life Storage in Brewster, New York.

Inside were the old belongings of a late Air Force pilot named David Parent, including a valuable vintage 1913 motorcycle. 

There was also a brown leather wallet, which Lulgjuraj opened to find a stack of 32 family photos and a 1966 California driver’s license for one Diane Hall. 

Despite it having her legal name, not her stage name the license caught Lulgjuraj’s attention — and he thought he recognized her from The Godfather.  

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Blast from the past: Several old professional photos of the star from the ’60s were inside

Black and white: Because the name on the license was Keaton’s legal name, not her stage name, Lulgjuraj wasn’t sure it was her at first

Kiddie Keaton: There were also family photos of her with who he presumed were her siblings 

Getting famous: Keaton didn’t start getting movie credits until the ’70s, so she was still an unknown

‘I opened it up and thought, is this Diane Keaton the actress? It couldn’t be. Or maybe it could,’ he said. ‘I was so curious. It was like a time capsule.’

He went through each of the photos, too, including several professional shots of the star, one of Diane as a young girl with her siblings, and another of her parents on the beach.

It was when he found her Actors’ Equity card from the ’60s — which inspired in ’68 and had her stage name — that he knew he’d struck gold.

In early June, he tried reaching out to the star on Twitter, telling her he’d give it back if she had any interest. He got no reply. 

He told the Daily News, ‘If she wants it, I’m happy to send it. I figured I would want it. These are her memories.’

I know her! But she looked enough like she did in The Godfather that Lulgjuraj recognized her

Found! After the Daily News published its story, Diane shouted it out – and Lulgjuraj sent her the wallet

When the story was printed last week, it finally did what he could not — it found it’s way to Keaton.  

The star wrote on twitter: ‘This is the craziest story! I don’t remember losing this but I’m not surprised because I’ve lost my wallet many times! Thank you, Mr. Lulgjuraj!’

Lulgjuraj also managed to get in touch with one of her people and mail her the wallet and its contents. 

Diane had admitted to leaving wallets in cabs, saying in 1978 that she had done it twice.

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