Man says he ended up on near-empty plane, TikTok videos show unclaimed seats: 'It was really weird'

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A college student recently took to TikTok to share that he was apparently the only ticketed passenger on an international flight.

Kai Forsyth documented the peculiar incident earlier this month and the three videos have been viewed more than 2 million times.

Each video shows what appears to be a completely empty plane aside from Forsyth and the British Airways flight crew.

Forsyth told Fox News Digital that his flight from London to Orlando took place on Jan. 9 – the day he shared his first video.

“There weren’t many people in the airport when I got down there,” Forsyth said when recalling the moment he got to his gate.

Even though a line hadn’t formed ahead of boarding, Forsyth said he initially thought fellow passengers might have been practicing social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also wondered if other travelers might have made other plans since the flight had been delayed with a message from British Airways saying the flight could be subject to change.

As a student-athlete who needed to return to school for the new semester, Forsyth said he didn’t want to miss take-off and arrived early. 

“I actually sat down and there was nobody [there at the gate] and I was just staring at the receptionist there. We were just looking back and forth at each other for like a good 10 minutes, and then they said, ‘Well, we’re ready to board.’” Forsyth recalled during a phone interview. “At first I thought this has to be one of those garbage reality TV shows. There were more pilots than there were passengers.”

When Forsyth boarded the plane, he realized there was no camera crew in sight. According to him, he was the only passenger.

“It was really weird. I boarded the plane and my seat was supposed to be at the back,” Forsyth told Fox. “I was the last one on and there was nobody there, so I thought I’d put on my camera and record it. I sat in my assigned seat not really thinking much about it, and then I heard the door close and then the flight attendant comes down my aisle pushing up all the luggage holds.” 


Forsyth said the plane had taken off within five minutes of his boarding.

Derbyshire resident Kai Forsyth was the only ticketed passenger on a recent international flight from London to Orlando. He documented his experience on TikTok, which shows he was able to make a bed and had unlimited snacks.
(Kai Forsyth)

Unfortunately, Forsyth wasn’t upgraded to first-class during the eight-hour flight, but he was able to secure a window seat and make a bed out of his four-seat row with airline-provided pillows and blankets. 

“It was so surreal. The flight attendants, they were with me the whole time, feeding me, giving me water and snacks – like unlimited meals, unlimited desserts and everything I asked for,” Forsyth said. “They gave me a full box of cookies that was meant for everybody on the plane. It was pretty funny.”

Forsyth said he was able to pass time by watching movies and even had a chance to speak with one of the pilots.

“If I could travel like that again, I would,” he shared. 

A spokesperson for British Airways told Fox that the flight had other passengers onboard. However, it’s unclear if they were seated in first-class or another section of the plane.

Forsyth’s experience on a near-empty flight comes at a time when airlines from Europe are fulfilling flight schedules in order to keep their airport slots while the COVID-19 pandemic continues into winter.

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