Man with ‘world’s largest penis’ can’t wear tight clothes as bulge keeps growing

The man with the "world's biggest penis" revealed he can't wear tight clothes due to his huge bulge.

Jonah Falcon first hit headlines for being incredibly open about his 13.5inch penis.

His large member has been the centre of attention for a while now and even celebrities are attracted to his schlong.

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But being well-endowed comes with many problems as Jonah, from New York, US, can't even wear tight clothes.

And as it's still growing, the actor claims he's unable to receive oral sex now.

Jonah said: "Since my testicles are also extremely large, I'm cognisant of prominent bulges.

"I tend to wear baggy or pleated pants to go 'incognito'.

"It's gotten thicker to the point I can't receive oral sex due to the girth, and intercourse requires a very slow entry.

"As a trade-off, it's harder to get absolutely fully erect – though that's a function of age, I think."

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A documentary, My Massive C**k, is set to air on Channel 4 with a group of lads discussing their large penis.

One participant got "lightheaded when erect" and complained lovers only want him for his manhood.

While another fella is considering to get his member surgically reduced.

Although Jonah has never considered a penis reduction, he can certainly relate to the other issues.

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When asked about love interests going for him because of his penis size, he said it's happened "too many times".

According to Chemist Click, the average erect penis length is 6.16in, while the average girth is 4.59in.

In the UK, the average penis size is 5.17in while the longest average penis size can be found in Ecuador at 6.9in.

Singleton Jonah added: "It sounds about right from other penises I've seen."

He said: "I was over 4" flaccid when I was 10, so I had already caught the attention of other boys in boarding school."

"Being more than twice as big when flaccid as an adult, just over 8" soft, more in hot weather, gets reactions from guys.

"I was recently stopped by the LAX airport security for a giant unexplained bulge in my pants caught by a scanner.

"They frisked me and confirmed I was 'all natural'. This is a normal occurrence with electric scanning devices though."

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