Map reveals cities with MOST snorers – as UK dubbed snoring capital of the world

IF you sleep next to someone who snores constantly then it's likely you struggle to get a decent night's sleep.

New research has now revealed that the UK is the snoring capital of the world and this map reveals the cities with the most snorers.

Snoring is where a person snorts or makes a rattling noise as they breathe while sleeping.

It comes from the soft palate and tissue in the back of the mouth, nose, or throat.

Some people snore so loudly that it can be heard in the next room and wake up other members of their household.

A new study conducted by the sleep experts at Sleepseeker found that Cambridge is the city with the most super-snorers.

In order to determine the cities with the biggest snore factor, the experts looked at the number of snoring related searches per 1,000 people in the largest towns and cities across the UK to reveal the locations where snoring is the biggest problem, as well as those where it is the least.

Cambridge recorded 7,450 snoring-related searches in the past year. This equates to 49.99 searches per 1,000 residents, the highest rate in the country and the world.

Coastal resort town Bournemouth is the area with the second-highest rate of snoring.

There were a total of 9,150 snoring searches made in the town over the last twelve months which, when measured against the local population, translates to a rate of 46.04 searches per 1000 people.

Heading to the North West and Warrington was next on the snore-score where there were 7,790 searches relating to snoring over the same time period, equating to a rate of 45.27 searches per 1,000 people.  

Following Warrington is Norwich, Sunderland, Bolton Dundee, Newcastle upon Tyne, York and Huddersfield.

The data shows that people are more likely to suffer with snoring if they live in the North of the country, with seven out of the top ten all being in the North.

That is also reflected in the data for the area that have the fewest snorers in the country.

How to stop snoring

If you’ve had enough of keeping your partner up all night with your snoring then here are some things you can do.

Tempur sleep expert and chartered psychologist Suzy Reading shared her how-to guide to help stop snoring for good.

  1. Take a look at your lifestyle: Suzy said there are many lifestyle factors that contribute to snoring – including being overweight, smoking, dehydration and drinking alcohol.
  2. Check your sleep environment: It might surprise you to learn that dust and pollen can increase the likelihood of snoring, especially if you suffer from allergies. To stop this make sure you change your bed clothes and sheets regularly.
  3. Sleep on your side: Sleeping on your back can cause you to snore more, so simply turning to your side while snoozing can reduce it drastically.

What if you sleep with a snorer?

As much as we want to yell and scream at our snoring partner, Suzy said to remember that they don't do it on purpose.

Earplugs are a good starting point, but if they haven't worked, consider sleeping in a separate room for a couple of nights to ensure you get some solid slumber.

Another tip if you’re still struggling is to re-focus on something calming.

Suzy suggested "coherent breathing exercises" – breathe in for five seconds and out for five.

This can be "extremely soothing for the nervous system" and counting will be a "good distraction" from your partner's snoring.

Just three of the areas in the top ten are in the North of the country.

However, the sleepiest city is Glasgow in Scotland, which recorded only 3,240 snoring-related searches in the past year, giving it a rate of just 5.29 searches per 1,000 people.

Peterborough is the second soundest sleeping city in the country, having recorded as few as 1,170 snoring-related searches. This gives it a rate of 6.66 searches per 1,000 people.

It's followed by Cardiff, where there were 4,940 searches over the last year, which equates to a rate of 14.09 searches per 1,000 people.  

Experts previously revealed how the air in your home could be making you snore.

Around two billion people across the world snore and it's an issue that is thought to occur in more men than women.

Snoring can sometimes be down to lifestyle choices – and we've all watched someone snoring away after a big roast dinner or a few too many drinks.

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