Matthew McConaughey: My mom wants to remake ‘The Graduate’ with me

Matthew McConaughey’s mom is still trying to shoot her shot.

As McConaughey explained it, his 86-year-old mother, Kay, goes to all of her son’s sets for this reason: She wants to “get in that movie,” McConaughey said on “The Graham Norton Show” Friday.

“She has a pitch that she’s not gotten tired of,” the actor said. “She wants to do a remake of ‘The Graduate,'” casting herself as the seductive Mrs. Robinson and her son as the Dustin Hoffman character Ben Braddock.

“And what does everyone, right away, say? ‘That’s pretty bent,” McConaughey laughed. “She’s immediately like, ‘Oh, knock it off, I’ve seen it before it’s not that big of a deal.'”

McConaughey concluded: “There’s some Freudian stuff in there.”

So far, no one has greenlit the project.


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