Meghan will do things her way as parent – she made it clear after own birth plan

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Kate Middleton and Prince William got married in 2011 and have now three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Meghan joined the royal family when she married Prince Harry in 2018. The couple are parents of two children: Archie and Lili. However, Kate and Meghan’s approach to parenting is completely different, an expert claimed.

Jumaimah Hussain, Parenting Expert at Kiddies Kingdom commented: “Everyone has a slightly different approach when it comes to parenting and despite royal protocols.

“Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have their own approaches too.

“Meghan has a modern approach to parenting and trusts in her own decisions.

“From choosing her own birth plan, to not participating in the traditional photos of her children leaving the hospital when they were born,” the expert explained.

“She has made it clear that she will do things her way as a parent.”

Jumaimah continued: “Meghan and Harry’s decision to move from the UK and out of the royal spotlight also highlights that they will go out of their way to remove any obstacles from their children’s lives.”

Although Kate’s parenting is more traditional, she has also adapted to today’s society.

“Whilst Kate follows a more traditional parenting style to Meghan, likely due to the fact Prince George will be the future king one day, she has been seen to move away from royal traditions.

“Creating her own parenting style that is in line with both her values and today’s society,” she explained.

“She is often praised for her regular and relaxed approach to parenting.

“Regularly being seen at public events kneeling to speak to her children, which in the past would be unheard of for a royal parent,” Jumaimah said about the Duchess of Cambridge.

However, the expert claimed both mums share some similarities too.

“A similarity both mothers have when it comes to their parenting approach is that they both want their children to have as normal of an upbringing as possible,” she explained.

“However, a main contrast between them is how often their children are in the public eye.

“Meghan is much more private, deciding to raise her children out of the public eye.

“Whereas Kate’s children have been in the public eye since they were born and are often seen at royal engagements and events alongside their parents.”

Kate’s parenting style has previously been described as “warm” while Meghan is more “modern.”

Parenting expert at Guide Plus, Leon Hady, said: “The photos of Kate with her little ones show the warmth, affection and close bond they both clearly have with their children.”

Zoe Bonser, Show Director at The Baby Show, explained Meghan has a more modern approach.

“The most notable is that Meghan takes a much more modern approach to parenting while Kate appears to stick to tradition.”

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