Men can become allergic to their own orgasm – triggering nasty symptoms, medics warn | The Sun

BLOKES can develop an allergy to their own orgasm, medics warn.

Experts have uncovered nearly 60 cases of men who immediately fall ill after climax with itchy eyes, a blocked nose or flu-like symptoms.

Sufferers can experience feverishness, muscle weakness, and even problems with their speech, concentration and memory – and the problems continue up to a week after they’ve peaked.

But scientists now think they may have a way to cure the condition with over-the-counter pills.

Affected men are struck down when they’ve climaxed following sex, masturbation, and even after a wet dream.

Scientists have labelled the condition Post Orgasm Illness Syndrome (POIS) and think the “allergic-like symptoms” are due to an autoimmune response to their own semen.

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Writing in the journal Urology Case Reports, lead researcher Andrew Shanholtzer from Oakland University in the U.S., said: "POIS is becoming increasingly recognized as a culprit among men experiencing sexual dysfunction.

“Many [health] providers do not know about it, let alone the public.

"Given it is newly being described as a condition, it is more than likely that it is underdiagnosed, with many sufferers out there."

His team are hopeful they’ve now found a way to help unfortunate fellas after successfully treating a 27-year-old patient.

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The man, whose allergy started around the age of 18, had completely given up on romance after developing coughing, a runny nose and sneezing as well as a hive-like rash on his arms whenever he had an orgasm.

His face and neck would also swell up, with symptoms worsening the more frequent the happy endings.

Researchers said: “Because of the distressing nature of his symptoms, he actively avoided any sexual activity or romantic relationships."

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After seeing a host of medics, the current team gave him a long-acting antihistamine called fexofenadine.

As a result of taking the 40p-a-day pill his symptoms fell by 90 per cent, while his love life is now on the up.

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