Mo Farah’s posh neighbours give runner’s family an unkind nickname

Olympic hero Sir Mo Farah and his family have been dubbed the 'feral Farahs' by their posh former neighbours.

The running extraordinaire and his wife Tania had until recently been living with their four children in a £1.3m house set within a gated area of affluent Teddington in London.

But six weeks ago, the family reportedly relocated to Weybridge, Surrey and now ex-neighbours say they couldn't be more delighted to see the back of them.

They have accused the Farahs of causing chaos, making their lives "unbearable" and have cruelly branded them "neighbours from hell".

However, a source close to the couple has blasted the allegations and said they have been "blown out of proportion" and unfairly targeted.

Neighbours claim there was constant noise from their four children, apples being thrown at their windows and plants in the garden being damaged.

Zhen Bao, who has lived in the upmarket complex since it opened in 2016, told the Daily Mail: "There was constant noise and life became very difficult.

"The Farah kids were always playing on the green outside their house, riding bikes and scooters, shouting, screaming and throwing things.

"Sometimes this went on for the whole day. There were also always lots of people coming in and out of the house.

"I think it was relatives but that just added to the noise and nuisance."

Another described it as being a "constant playground" outside his house.

He added: "If I had known this development was going to turn into a chaotic children's play area, I would not have moved here.

"They were the neighbours from hell."

Mo and his wife moved into the four-bedroom property in 2017 after leaving Portland in Oregon in the US with his stepdaughter,Rihanna-13, twin girls Aisha and Amani, six, and Hussein, three.

The complex comprises of 18 homes and is managed by Rendal and Rittner, who sent out letters to all residents following complaints.

Neighbour Mr Bao claimed the letters didn't make a difference and his life was made "unbearable".

Residents claimed that when they approached the couple about the concerns they were "shocked at the reaction" and the pair 'refused to take action'.

One neighbour, speaking outside the gated complex yesterday, said: "We privately called them the 'feral Farahs'."

Another said since the Farahs has left "it's actually lovely to live here now."

A source close to the Farahs denied all the allegations and said the children played alongside many others in the communal area and it was 'unfair' to single them out.

They added that the family have 'fond memories' of their time living there.

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