Morrisons launches range of eco-friendly Halloween costumes including werewolf and mummy

A STORE chain’s spooky Halloween costumes are going green — to give them life after death.

Morrisons has launched a range of eco-friendly outfits made from recycled plastic bottles to stop old zombie and vampire get-ups being buried in landfill.

It claims to be the first supermarket to do so, in “a bid to make the spookiest night of the year more sustainable” saying: “Waste is the scariest thing about Halloween.”

The outfits include werewolf, mummy and Harry Potter costumes. Unlike their flimsy predecessors, these can be machine washed and used again.
Even the hangers are made out of cardboard as plastic and metal versions are ditched.

Research found most Halloween outfits are worn only once and, because they are made from polyester, end up in landfill rather than recycling plants.

Fabric used in the costumes will be 100 per cent responsibly sourced and any polyester will be made from plastic bottles.

Jodie Glew, Morrisons’ buying manager, said: “Listening to customers, we know that while they love Halloween and the theatre that comes with dressing up, making the event more sustainable is really important to them.

“So we’ve worked hard with our team this year to create a range that is not only made using 100 per cent responsibly sourced materials, but can also be machine washed — cutting down on waste and encouraging re-use year after year.”

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