Morrisons shopper issues warning over yellow stickers

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A Morrisons shopper has claimed that while the supermarket may have a plethora of offers, customers may not actually be saving money.

Posting on Facebook group Yellow Sticker Shopping Tips, Tricks and Hauls, Abbie Kingdom stated: “Lots of offers but reduced by very little,” MEN reports.

Referring to the yellow stickers on food products, she claimed that purchasing such products individually might actually cost more than if they were bought as part of a multi-deal.

She gave the example of some Morrisons fish.

“What gets me is the fish that says three for £10.

The savvy shopper explained: “If I had bought three reduced ones at £3.51, it would have cost me £10.53, so they have actually put the price up.”

Not everybody believes that the yellow sticker is all that it seems.

Another Morrisons shopper, Cheryl Nicholls, found that her yellow sticker purchase wasn’t reduced by much.

The meals were only reduced by 20p.

Morrisons customer Brenda Stokes is strict with herself when it comes to reductions.

Calling it “a lot more expensive”, she said: “I won’t buy it unless it’s a good reduction.”

Barbara Dicko doesn’t go for yellow sticker purchases unless the reduction is more than £1.

Yet, some customers love a yellow sticker bargain.

Food shopping on a budget blog Reduced Grub said they spoke to a Morrisons employee about the supermarket’s reductions.

Kelly Eroglu’s blog read: “For products still on the shelves the day before the sell-by date, they get reduced that evening by 20 percent.

“But around 3pm items that are on their last day, get reduced by 50 percent and then again at 5pm they get reduced by around 75 percent.

“Of course, the reduced items can be moved around slightly, by 8pm the pies and cooked food are sold off for pennies.”

Kelly revealed that one of her best finds was a large cheesecake for just one pence.

However, she pointed out that some shoppers get too irate in the pursuit of some reduced food.

According to the blogger, pushing and shoving other customers over deals is never worth it.

“If you ever see a group of people stalking the poor shop assistant with a reduction gun, walk away. If this happens, I will always tend to give it a miss.” has contacted Morrisons asking for comment.

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