Mother-in-law slammed for wearing the same dress as son's bride

‘It looks like she wants to marry her son’: Groom’s mother is branded ‘creepy’ for wearing an IDENTICAL dress to the bride

  • A mother-in-law believed to be from South America was criticized online
  • Wore a near identical wedding dress to her daughter-in-law’s on wedding day 
  • People thought the celebration was a double wedding, couldn’t tell women apart

A mother-in-law was criticized for humiliating her son’s new wife by wearing an identical wedding dress to hers at their nuptials. 

The unnamed mother, believed to be from South America, could be seen proudly wearing the bridal gown on the arm of her son as they posed for photos, while the bride stood awkwardly at his other side. 

The cringe-worthy moment was captured in a wedding picture which has resurfaced on the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming (Non Ban happy) Facebook group.

Horrified wedding enthusiasts vilified the mother-in-law for wearing same gown, saying it looked like she wanted to marry her own son. 

An unnamed mother-of-the-groom believed to be from South America was slammed online after wearing a wedding dress identical to her daughter-in-law’s on the day of her wedding (pictured)

In the wedding picture, which was shared in a local newspaper before making it online, the bride and her mother-in-law each stand on one side of the groom, holding his arm. 

The bride, standing on the left, picked a bustier gown cinched with a gem-encrusted belt. She paired the dress with drop earrings and a veil. 

To the right of the groom, the mother-in-law, who is all smiles, wears an identical dress with bigger earrings and no veil. 

The mother-of-the-bride, who is standing to the left of the picture, is wearing a blue gown and looks displeased at the situation.

People said they thought the celebration was a double-wedding due to the mother-in-law’s attire. Others said they would have smeared red wine on her dress

Meanwhile, the oblivious groom beams at the center of the picture. 

‘This was on a local newspaper where the rich like to brag about their expensive parties . The newspaper printed the names, and then someone put the caption “when your MIL hates you”,’ revealed the woman who shared it to the wedding shaming group.  

People slammed the mother-in-law, saying they would have thrown her out of their own wedding if she had pulled a similar stunt. 

‘I would’ve had security kick her out,’ one said. 

People said the mother-in-law’s actions were disrespectful and that the mother-of-the-groom must have really hated the bride

‘I’d dip dye that s*** in pinot noir,’ another said. 

Some people said they first thought they were looking at a double wedding picture.  

‘I thought it was a double wedding, and then I read the caption and it took a second for me to figure out who the bride was,’ one said. 

‘I thought this was a polygamist couple mom definitely looks like a second bride,’ another agreed. 

Other said the mother-in-law’s behavior was ‘wrong,’ and other said she must have really hated the bride.  

‘A mean in law can be worse than a hopeless husband. This is sooooo wrong,’ one woman said.  

Other people said the mother-in-law was ‘creepy’ because it looked like she wanted to marry her own son by wearing a wedding dress to his wedding

‘Tell someone you hate them without actually saying “I hate you”,’ said another.  

‘Disrespectful,’ simple wrote another person, while another commented ‘oh wow yikes.’

Some people noted the mother wearing a bride’s dress gave off the idea she wanted to marry her own son. 

‘Is anyone else getting creepy vibes from mommy here or is it just me? Why would you wear a wedding dress to your son’s wedding unless you wished you were marrying him,’ one said. 

;I don’t understand mom’s who want to look like they’re marrying their sons, that’s weird and gross,’ another wrote.  

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