Mother-of-two transforms drab bedroom into a 'tranquil masterpiece'

Mother-of-two reveals how she transformed her drab bedroom into a ‘tranquil masterpiece’ for less than £300

  • Danielle Love, 31, from Lancashire, saved money on supplies and labour
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A woman has revealed how she saved cash while transforming her drab bedroom into a space described as a ‘tranquil masterpiece’.

Danielle Love, 31, from Preesall in Lancashire, who works as a tour coordinator, put in the research to find the best deals when it came to buying supplies to save money on her room makeover.

She also stuck to the budget – which came in at an estimated £300 – by doing work herself, instead of forking out for professionals to do the job. 

According to Danielle, she found the inspiration for her new room on Pinterest, explaining that she gravitated towards a green and grey colour palette.

Speaking to money-saving community, the mother-of-two said: ‘I have wanted a green bedroom for quite some time, but I had always put off doing my own room as there were always other places in the house which needed work.

AFTER: Danielle transformed a previously grey and drab room into a relaxing and tranquil space – all on a budget

Mother-of-two Danielle Love (pictured) said she wanted to create a ‘calming vibe’ when she made over the room 

‘I had been looking on Pinterest and had seen a few different items I liked. I gravitated towards green, and I have a light grey bed. 

‘That was the colour scheme I ended up working with, and I based the project on this palette. I wanted to create a calming vibe.’

According to the DIY-er, her biggest expenditure was the large mural covering the wall behind her bed, which cost £100 – a large chunk of the total budget.

She explained: ‘The mural [from Bimago] is called Foggy Nature and uses the same tones of green that I wanted to apply to my walls and decor.

‘The flowers and leaves cascade down the wall and create a lovely relaxing ambience. You can get the mural in many different sizes, so those on tighter budgets wanting a smaller mural can pay as little as £20.’

Another cost was paint, which was mixed from B&Q’s own range, in a shade called Sea Turtle.

‘I got three tubs for the price of two thanks to a special offer and so the final price worked out at about £26 for a five litre tub.’ 

When it came to accessories, she picked up bedding from Dunelm for £40, and cushions from B&M, costing £10 each. 

BEFORE: The bedroom was a far more drab and dull space before Danielle started her DIY project

Meanwhile, her curtains cost £20 from the Online Home Shop and the bedside cabinets were £37.50 each from Amazon.

When it came to putting the room together, Danielle said: ‘The most time-consuming part of the project was the green paint. 

‘It took about three coats but I’ve had plenty of compliments from people when they see the finished product.

‘The mural was pretty straightforward as it came numbered. It almost got put up upside down, but we got there in the end! 

BEFORE AND AFTER: With a lick of paint, and some decorative touches, the room is totally transformed  

‘My mum’s partner completed this step because I didn’t want to mess it up. I think that was the only challenge we faced, really – which way the paper goes up!

‘After that it was just finishing touches, which is the fun part. 

‘I am so pleased with how the project has turned out. I’m just waiting on some wall art now to finish it off.

‘If I was going to do this project again, I would have put flooring down. However, I can always change that at a later date.

Details: Danielle invested in carefully curated pieces including bedding and handpicked cushions to create a ‘calming’ colour palette and vibe

‘It would have cost over £100 to get a painter in to do the job professionally. I love doing DIY so paying someone seems silly to me.

‘Since doing this project I have had loads of people asking me where I got the mural from and complimenting the shade of green so perhaps other bedrooms like this will pop up in the future!’

Tom Church, co-founder of, said: ‘Danielle has shown that with a bit of creativity and hard work, it’s possible to transform a plain room into a tranquil masterpiece on a budget.

‘By finding cheap supplies online and doing the work herself, she has saved over £100 on professional painter costs.

‘Her bedroom is now a calming oasis that reflects her personal style and taste. We hope her project inspires others to take on their own DIY projects and save money in the process.’

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