Mum gets Aldi flavoured gin for £4.99 after it scans at cheaper price as shoppers rush to bag bargain booze

A MUM claims she nabbed an Aldi flavoured gin for £4.99 after the bottle scanned at a cheaper price – sparking a shoppers’ rush to bag the festive tipple.

The bargain hunter reportedly managed to buy a £14.99 bottle of Haysmith's Rhubarb and Ginger Gin for under a fiver after claiming Aldi’s scanner put the tipple through for £10 under the advertised price.

The delighted mum shared a picture of the bottle on Facebook and said: “Should have been £14.99 in Aldi but scanned at £4.99.” 

Shoppers were quick to reply to the post, with many keen to nab a bottle in the run up to Christmas.

One keen bargain finder posted: “I need to take a trip to Aldi.” 

Another added: “Get to Aldi quick” 

And a third simply said: “Bargain.” 

While some fans sped off to the supermarket to see if they could buy the bargain beverage, others begged mates to go for them to scoop up a bottle – or two. 

One tagged a friend, pleading: “Can you pop for me and see – I can give you the money – would like two bottles please haha.” 

And another begged: “Look for this for me honey please. Pretty please.” 

The Haysmith's Rhubarb and Ginger Gin is sold out on Aldi's website.

Aldi is looking into the claims and has said they are not aware of any discount or offer on the flavoured gin at their stores.

Aldi are well-known for their affordable and eclectic range of wines, with many making Jilly Goolden's 2020 edit of the best Christmas plonk.

The supermarket also slashed their veg prices to just 19p this week – sparking a Christmas price war to sell the cheapest greens. 

Aldi has now reduced six variety of veg, including potatoes and carrots – just in time for the big Christmas shop. 

For 19p each, bargain shoppers can buy 2kg of potatoes, 1kg of carrots, 500g of parsnips, 500g of sprouts, one swede and one red or white cabbage.

 But the supermarket is not the only grocer to drop Christmas food prices. 

Tesco has already slashed its Christmas veggie prices to 29p, including cauliflower.

The supermarket is offering 2.5kg of full-sized potatoes, with 1kg of carrots, 500g of Brussels sprouts, 500g of parsnips and cauliflower for 29p. 

These prices are not as low as Aldi's, which offers the same weight of carrots, brussel sprouts and parsnips for 10p less.

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