Mum has revealed incredible hack to soothe babies experiencing teething problems – and it’s so easy

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If you’re a parent then you’ll know all too well that the teething phase with your little one can be a tricky one.

However there’s a new hack on the scene, which comes courtesy of one nifty TikTok user, and it could well be the hack you’ve been searching for.

A mum has taken to the viral social media platform to introduce a DIY method of calming down a child who is teething and it’s genius!

The mum runs a TikTok account named The Mommy Academy, where she shares regular advice and tips for parents. The hack sees her taking a small thin flannel and a muffin tray – two things that most might have around the home.

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Next, she wets the flannel under the tap and, once wet, folds it in half and rolls it up. The video shows that the mum has done this with numerous flannels and, once rolled, she’s slotted them neatly into the muffin tray which she then pops into the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

The mum then gives the frozen cloth to her child but stresses that it should be left in the freezer for no longer than 15-30 minutes in order to avoid freezer burn.

One fan, raving about the hack, penned: “Amazing,” with another writing: “This works wonders.”

A third gushed: “My baby is going through it and this is such an amazing hack that I was looking for.”

On the topic of hacks, another mum recently shared an epic parenting trick on TikTok that stops your baby from wriggling around while changing their nappy – and it couldn’t be more straightforward.

In the clip, the woman lays her baby on a sofa to change his nappy and lifts up the baby grow onesie he is wearing.

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However, instead of leaving it flapping around, she directs other parents to hoist up the unbuttoned part and fold their tot's arms inside and fasten it together with the poppers from either side to secure them and in turn stops the wriggling.

"People, people, people, when you're changing your baby's dirty diaper make sure you button its onesie from the back to the front with its hands inside so they won't be in the way," the woman's voice explains. Trust me mom hack 101," she finishes.

Fellow mothers flooded the comment section to complain about just learning the trick and how they wished they'd known it sooner.

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“Where was this 20 years ago?" wrote one frustrated parent.

"Why didn't I know this when my kids were babies!!!" added another.

"Holy omg my mind is BLOWN," agreed a third. As a fourth said: ''Seriously??!! Now they tell us!! 3 children down, 20, 14 and 6 sigh!!"

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