Mum of Brit kids stranded in New Zealand after horror car crash breaks silence

A mum, whose two children were left stranded in New Zealand after a horror crash killed their other mum, has spoken from her hospital bed.

Ben and Olivia Sargent, six and nine, were on a dream family holiday with their mums Kerry and Jules Sargent when the tragedy occurred.

The trip turned into a nightmare on a night out for dinner with friends when Kerry, from Gloucester, was killed in a head-on collision near Whangarei.

The children’s other mum, Jules Sargent, was rushed to hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries, some of which it is expected will take her years to recover from.

Speaking from her hospital in New Zealand, Jules told the Mail Online: "The children have been through such a traumatic experience as they were initially stuck in the car whilst it was on its roof and had to be rescued by friends smashing the windows to get them out."

"It was a terrifying experience for everyone but Ben and Olivia have shown so much courage throughout this whole situation.

"Ben said he can’t think about the good times before the accident all he can remember is the accident."   

Currently the 49-year-old is too unwell to travel, leaving her and their two children spending their Christmas in the city of Whangarei in North Island of New Zealand, north of the capital.

Although they were not seriously injured, they have been traumatised and deeply scarred by the incident.

Both he and his sister are being cared for by friends but a GoFundMe page has been set up in a bid to raise £10,000 and help them create some "magical moments that they can all look forward to".

It is hoped these will "provide light during the darker times".

Family friend Alan York said: “Currently, Jules is recuperating in New Zealand with the friends she went out to visit and will need a substantial period of recovery before the family can return to England.

“Until then, Ben and Olivia have been schooled in New Zealand while Jules undergoes physiotherapy before the doctors can assess whether she is fit enough to take the children on their long journey home.”

In the crash, Jules broke her ribs, right leg and two vertebra, and her toes were dislocated

Her left arm was also injured and she has an open wound to her left hip area which also fractured part of the hip bone.

She has been told the injury to her left arm could take up to two years to recover from.

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