Mum-of-four reveals how she lost a staggering 28kg in just six months

Mum-of-four, 33, reveals how she shed 28 kilos in just SIX months – and why changing her breakfast routine was key to her success

  • A mother-of-four revealed how she lost 28 kilograms within just six months
  • Abby Curry, from Port Macquarie, weighed 102kg before she dropped the weight
  • The 33-year-old did this by walking and drinking a smoothie for breakfast
  • She swears by meal prepping, daily runs or walks and batch cooking for results 

A mother-of-four has revealed how she ditched her stubborn belly fat and lost 28 kilograms within six months by drinking smoothies each day for breakfast and going on long walks.

Abby Curry, from Port Macquarie in New South Wales, tipped the scales at 102 kilograms when she decided she wanted to change and get healthy for the sake of her children.

In just under six months, the 33-year-old lost 28 kilos, taking her to a svelte 74 kilograms. She currently weighs 66 kilos.

Abby said she credits daily smoothies from Australia’s leading weight loss program Healthy Mummy and daily long walks with her dog for shifting the stubborn fat.

A mother-of-four revealed how she ditched her belly fat and lost 28kg within six months by drinking smoothies each day for breakfast and going on long walks (pictured before and after)

Abby said while she used to struggle with a lack of energy and low self-esteem, through weight loss she has managed to build herself up to where she is today:

‘I went from skipping breakfast and reaching for carb-loaded and high-fat convenience foods and takeaway to having smoothies for breakfast and decent meal plans,’ Abby told FEMAIL.

‘I now have a Healthy Mummy smoothie for breakfast every day with oats and banana to keep me full, and I love the caramel and honeycomb flavours.’ 

The mum-of-four said she never did any exercise before and ate lots of processed foods and takeaway (pictured before and after)

Abby (pictured) before and after said while she used to ‘dread’ any kind of activity, now she enjoys long coastal walks and daily runs with her dog

Elsewhere in her day, the mum-of-four said she will now have four or five small meals through the day chosen from the Healthy Mummy recipe bank.

She also has regular snacks including apples with almond butter and homemade muffins and bliss balls. 

‘Dinners are now healthier versions of the meals we already enjoyed like spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, fried rice and soups,’ she said.

‘After a few weeks of doing this, my weight loss was slow, but soon the scales started moving and I really started seeing changes in my physique.’ 

Abby said she loves to meal prep (pictured), so that she always has something healthy to pull from the fridge or freezer

When it comes to exercise, Abby explained that while she did nothing before, she has now completely overhauled her attitude towards working out.

‘Before I started my weight loss journey, I absolutely dreaded being active, so I started doing beginner workouts from the app and just walking my dog daily.’

The 33-year-old has now moved on to advanced tabata workouts and running with her dog.

She also enjoys long coastal walks in her downtime. 

‘I love the support I get from the Healthy Mummy community as it helps to keep me accountable and stay on track,’ Abby said.

‘I like to inspire others so that they can feel as healthy as I do now.’ 

Abby (pictured before) said she used to rely on convenience foods to get through the day but now has huge batches of soup made up and ready to go

Abby shared her secrets for those wanting to get in shape.

‘I strongly recommend meal prep as this means you are organised and always have a healthy dinner in the fridge or freezer,’ she said. 

‘Monday is now my meal prep day, leaving me more time to fit in some exercise after work.’

Abby also said that batch cooking is hugely helpful when you want to lose weight, as you don’t have to waste all your time.

‘Making a batch of soup for myself for the week has stopped me from thinking about choosing another not so healthy option when I’m tired or hungry or in a rush for work,’ she said.

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