Mum spends weeks planning perfect Xmas for family – but no one gets her a gift

A mum-of-two has claimed she never gets presents on Christmas Day – despite spending a month stressing about what to get her family.

Mary Yang, from Michigan, spends the whole month leading up to Christmas "stressing" about what to get her family and yet never receives any herself.

She shared the sad situation in a video which has been seen over 500,000 times and sparked a massive debate..

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In the video, the mum wrote: "I know I'm not the only mom who woke up Christmas morning with not a single present under the tree for them as you watched your kids and husband unwrap the presents you spent all month stressing over."

The clip, which was posted on Christmas Day to her @missmearTikTok account, saw many mums jump into the comments finding her story relatable.

One mum wrote: "Been married 20 years and have yet to get a Christmas gift… it's the same thing every year "I don't know what you want". How about a divorce?"

Another commented: "This happened to me. It wasn't that I didn't get a gift, it's that no one even noticed I didn't have a gift."

A third person said: "I went through this for years, when I went back to work and people asked what I got for Christmas I would lie and make up gifts I got."

Other users suggested that she should buy and wrap things for herself to leave under the tree, writing: "This, ladies, is the why I buy myself gifts while shopping for everyone else.

"Used to bother me. I fixed that issue! Buy yourselves a gift or 10!"

But others said that "they just don't get it".

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One user replied: "People saying buy yourself something. It’s not about having the things. It’s about knowing someone did or didn’t think about you."

However, Mary Yang claims that she doesn't get gifts on other special days either, as she added: "It's a constant struggle we have every year for the past seven years for every special occasion.

"You would think I would learn my lesson by now."


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