Mum splits opinion with her controversial relationship rules

Mum shocks followers with the ‘controversial’ relationship rules she and her partner follow – including tracking each other 24/7 and knowing all passwords

  • An Australian mum split opinion with her relationship rules for her partner
  • They include tracking each others speeding and sharing locations

An Australian mum-of-two has divided her followers with the ‘controversial’ relationship rules she and her fiancé follow.

Alyssa Jane, from Queensland, said the couple share their location 24/7, know each other’s passwords, keep track of each other’s spending and let their partner know if they are hanging out with someone of the opposite gender.

The 20-year-old mum has divided opinion with the rules. Many think they are perfectly normal, whilst others slammed them as ‘toxic’ and ‘controlling’.

‘My argument is if you don’t have anything to hide why does it matter,’ Alyssa said.

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Australian mum-of-two Alyssa Jane (pictured) has surprised her followers by sharing her and her fiancee’s relationship rules

The couple share their location 24/7, know each others passwords, keep track each others spending and let their partner know if they are hanging out with someone of the opposite gender

‘Do you think these are normal or controversial,’ the mum asked.


Do you think Alyssa’s rules are normal or toxic?

Do you think Alyssa’s rules are normal or toxic?

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‘The rules aren’t set rules for our relationship they are just things that we happen to do,’ she explained.

The couple’s first habit is sharing their location 24/7 via Google maps.

‘Honestly we rarely use it, we don’t use it to stalk each other,’ she said.

Alyssa said that it is more about convenience, for example if one needed to pick up the other from somewhere.

‘A lot of people said “what about personal freedom?” and called it “controlling” but we don’t use it as a controlling mechanism,’ she explained.

The couple also share passwords and leave their phones unlocked.

‘My partner and I both know each other’s phone passwords, this isn’t all passwords but it’s definitely our phones,’ she said.

She explained they didn’t specifically decide to share passwords it just happened over time. 

Alyssa and her partner (pictured) have split online opinion after sharing their ‘controversial’ rules

‘We leave our phones laying around unlocked all the time so neither of us feel the need to like ever be suspicious about anything. I guess if we wanted to we could go through the other persons phone,’ she said.

The third rule is that she and her partner share finances. 

‘My partner and I have a shared bank account. We have our own bank accounts and then shared ones,’ she said.

She added that their banking app allows them to see what is being spent and where it is being spent.

‘We kind of always keep tabs on how much money we have and who is spending the most and where the money is going,’ she said.

The final rule is that although the couple are allowed to hang out with the opposite gender, out out of courtesy they let each other know when they are.

Alyssa’s relationship rules: 

1.  Share locations 24/7

2. Share phone passwords

3. Share finances and keep track of each others spending

4. Let the other know when meeting up with a friend of the opposite sex 

Despite several people slamming Alyssa’s rules as ‘toxic’ and ‘controlling’, many people fully supported them and practice similar habits in their own relationships.

‘We are the same it just kind of happened over time, especially when kids are involved,’ one woman said. 

‘My wife and I do this too, I think it’s great for mutual trust and just makes life so much easier,’ another agreed.

‘Sharing location in healthy relationships is not toxic. It is for peace of mind and safety,’ another wrote. 

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