Mum swears by £3 hack that stops condensation forming in her home

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A mum has shared a “life-changing hack” that she says will stop condensation and damp forming in your home this winter – and it costs just £3. 

Natasha Murfin, 35, explained that she places table salt in paper cups and leaves them on her window sills overnight.


Natasha picked up the trick from her grandparents who owned a static caravan and used to leave tubs of salt in them over winter to prevent damp collecting. Natasha’s neighbour recently reminded her of the old tip and the mum-of-one decied to put it to the test last week.

Explaining her logic, the full-time mum from West Lothian, Scotland, said: “I can’t afford a dehumidifier in every room so I thought, even if it doesn’t work, it’s only about £3 – I may as well give it a go.

“It worked an absolute treat.”

The savvy mum bought 1.5kg of cooking salt from Tesco for £1.75 and 15 paper cups for just £1.15.

“I put one cup per windowpane in every room in the house,” she said. “The windows used to drip with condensation, and we would have to wipe them every morning with a squeegee. Since using the salt trick, we haven’t had to wipe them once.

“I only half fill the cups with salt, and I shake them every morning to check the salt isn’t sticking together.

“We’ve had the salt out for five days now and it’s still soft. If the salt becomes hard and damp, it’s time to replace it.”

The mum added you can be even more thrifty by drying out damp salt in the oven.

Others have revealed they wipe their windows with salt water to prevent condensation.

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