Mum who fell bum up during race says she's loving the attention

Not such a bum deal! Single mother who went viral after falling during the sports day parents’ race and flashing her bottom reveals she’s had hundreds of messages from male admirers

  • Katie Hannaford, 36, Essex, was persuaded by her daughter to take part in race
  • She fell over her own feet, and ended up mooning everybody who was watching 
  • Now that her story has gone viral, Katie said she’s got a lot of attention 

The mother whose bare bottom went viral when she face-planted at her daughter’s school’s parent race said she is loving the attention she’s getting – and revealed the incident earned her thousands of suitors. 

Katie Hannaford, 36, Essex, went viral earlier this week after falling face first during her daughter’s Sports Day’s Parents Race. 

The mother-of-two’s skirt lifted, revealing her thong and kickstarting her unlikely rise to fame.  

A few days on, Katie has now revealed she’s received 500 messages from suitors from all over the world, and that she and her children get recognised in their local town, in their Tesco and online. 

And having come to terms with the fact her derriere have become a sensation, Katie admitted to The Mirror she was soaking up the attention.  

Katie Hannaford, 36, Essex, went viral earlier this week after falling face first during her daughter’s Sports Day’s Parents Race.

‘I’ve had thousands of messages – at least 500 of them have been from men from Greece to Puerto Rico to Germany and even Australia, saying “how are you single?” and calling me a “MILF”,’ Katie said. 

The mother-of-two added she received moving messages, including one who told her the video was the first thing to make them smile for the first time in half a year. 

Katie, who called herself ‘clumsy,’ admitted she also received mean-intentioned messages. but said they couldn’t get to her. 

She added she didn’t intend to become famous and that it has just happened to her.  

Katie has been able to see the funny side to her story and said at least 500 men have messaged her from all over the world and asked how she was still single (pictured with her youngest daughter)

Katie said she now gets recognised in her local Tesco and has been moved by the amazing response her story was met with online 

While she admitted some people also sent negative messages her way after her unlikely shot to fame, the mother-of-two said she preferred to focus on the positive attention she is getting 

She added most people have called her a good sports and an ‘amazing mum.’

And Katie and her daughter are getting a lot of attention, whether they are shopping at their local Tesco or selling items on Vinted.  

‘I thought something was on my face the way people stared at me when I was in Tesco yesterday – I had to give myself a reality check and remember why,’ the mother said. 

‘My eldest daughter even had a message from someone on Vinted when they recognised her profile after seeing a pair of shoes she was selling,’ she added. 

She revealed that her youngest daughter went to school after the story went viral and was told by her classmates that her mother was famous. 

 Katie was able to see the funny side to her misadventure and said she has not stopped laughing since the accident. 

‘The whole world’s seen my bum now, but it is what it is – I can’t hide from it. I don’t care,’ she said. 

The funny viral footage showed the mum, from Basildon, Essex, lining up in the third lane from the left.

The race then started and Katie, who was wearing a blue dress, dropped to the back, before falling to the floor. 

An Essex mother has spoken out about her embarrassment after she ended up mooning the crowd after falling (pictured, right) during the parents’ race (pictured, left) on sports day 

Bystanders were visibly shocked as Katie’s dress flew up over her head, and she ended up mooning the entire crowd

Unfortunately, her dress came up over her head and revealed her underwear for all the crowd to see.

Luckily, homeware company owner Katie saw the funny side, describing her trip as ‘hilarious’.

She said: ‘I’m not sporty at all, but [my daughter] kept begging me. In the end I agreed to the race – I knew I’d come last.

According to the red-faced mother (pictured), she ‘just tripped over [her] own feet’ during the ill-fated race

An eyeful: watchers all saw Katie mooning, as the force of her fall made her Summer dress fall over her head

‘I just tripped over my own feet – I think my body was just moving too fast for my legs! I’m so clumsy, I’m always falling over.

‘I was humiliated at the time, but it is what it is! I flashed my underwear which is obviously embarrassing but you just have to own it.

‘Looking back, it’s hilarious. Definitely the funniest thing I’ve ever done in my life!’

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