Mum’s life hack to remove sticky price tags using tape goes viral

An amazed daughter has shared the incredibly simple hack her mum taught her of how to remove sticky labels from new products.

Annoying price tags can be the Bain of any shoppers life. You try to rip them off only to make things worse as with a bigger mess left on the items than you started with.

But now, a life hack has exploded on the internet that may solve all our problems.

TikTok user @Lexie_byers has shared a video saying that all you need to remove the stubborn labels is a piece of sticky tape.

“I have a life hack that’s going to blow your mind, well, it blew my mind.

“My mum taught me this a couple of days ago.”

Lexie grabs some tape then places half of it onto the tag. She then rubs it to make sure it is firmly stuck before simply “waxing” it off.

She rips the label away in one swift motion and, amazingly, nothing is left behind.

Her video has been seen more than 5 million times since it was shared on December 18 and the comments section was flooded with grateful viewers saying the trick has changed their lives.

“You’ve probably saved billions in lost time,” one wrote.

Another commented: “The amount of hours that I’ve sat going to war with these.”

Someone else went one step further, saying: “There is literally no need for school, I have learned everything actually useful from TikTok.

And another hilariously wrote: “I need to go find a tag so I could do this. I’m literally heading out to by something I don’t need.”

But, as with most internet hacks, one user found a problem.

“This one only works for plastic stickers,” they said.

It comes after a woman shared a handy supermarket hack to use when shops are busy over the festive period and in the lead-up to New Year’s Eve.

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