Mumsnet users confess their laziest habits

Bone idle! People confess their laziest habits – from throwing away dirty dishes to keeping a saucepan under the bed to avoid late night loo trips

  • The woman took to British forum Mumsnet to admit to her laziest habit 
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People have been sharing their laziest habits after a mother revealed she’d rather chuck her own crockery in the bin than do the washing up.

The woman took to British parenting site Mumsnet to confess, while asking others to share the laziest things they had ever done. 

She explained that once upon a time she so loathed a sink full of dirty dishes, she purchased brand new plates, knives and forks instead of scrubbing them clean herself.

The mother also admitted she found herself repeating this habit every single week. 

She said: ‘I didn’t get paper [plates] as I always told myself I would wash the next set.’

One woman took to Mumsnet to admit that she would throw dishes away because she couldn’t be bothered to clean them (stock image) 

After making her confession, the woman asked others on the forum to share their lazy stories – and the post has since garnered around 400 of the strangest responses.

People admitted to not wiping after using the toilet, keeping their Christmas tree up until springtime and even placing a saucepan under the bed in lieu of midnight trips to the bathroom.

One person said: ‘I know of someone who used to keep a saucepan under her bed so if she needed a wee in the night she didn’t have to go to the bathroom.’

Another said: ‘Colleague would go for a s**t and if taking a shower straight after he wouldn’t wipe his a**e, just hose it down in the shower.’

The anonymous Mumsnet user took to the British forum to speak about how she was buying crockery almost weekly 

The user sparked a discussion about some of the bizarre things others have done because they did not want to tackle a task

A third wrote: ‘Used to wait ages for the takeaway to be delivered instead of collecting. I was a fully mobile 20-something with no kids etc stopping me leaving the house. The takeaway was 150 metres from my door.’

One revealed the great lengths her seven-year-old son went to to relieve his stress. She wrote: ‘My son told his classmates he was allergic to tinfoil so they would unwrap his sandwiches for him every day. He was seven!

‘I dread to think what he will be up to when he’s fully grown!’

Another added that someone they knew kept their Christmas tree up until the end of March because they ‘couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of taking it down’. 

They said the tree was ‘stood in the corner of the room, dark, unlit, and gathering dust’ for several months.


One Mumsnet user revealed that they used to pretend to go to lectures and go through the effort of getting dressed to keep up appearances 

A wave of hilarious responses continued to pour in with many admitting they’d rather trash their belongings than give them a wash.

One wrote: ‘On occasion I’ve thrown recyclable containers in the general waste bin if they were too much effort to wash. It still gnaws at me.’

Another said: ‘A flatmate used to buy a new pair of jeans instead of using the washing machine in halls. Was easier to put them on daddy’s credit card than to wait a few hours in the laundry.’

And another added: ‘I’m guilty of binning socks because I can’t be bothered sorting them out. I can’t buy crisps etc because my daughter will come in from work and eat a multi pack instead of cooking.’

‘I’ve had the next-door neighbour knock to check we were in because the lights were off, but the back door was open because we are on our laptops/phone and couldn’t be bothered to put the light on.’

‘I’ve had to buy baby bottle steriliser because my daughter hasn’t washed up in a few days.’

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