My best friend has become distant since she got a new boyfriend

DEAR DEIDRE:  SINCE she got a new man in her life, my best friend has distanced herself.

I no longer feel comfortable with her.

We’re both mums of 30, though I’m single. We’ve been mates since school and are both beauticians.

We used to speak every day and share everything.

We recently FaceTimed and she said her new man is a builder and he’d done up her kitchen in lockdown.

Our whole conversation revolved around him, his big house and flash car. She never asked how I was.

I am pleased for her but why didn’t she tell me about him sooner? I feel our relationship has changed and I am really upset.

DEIDRE SAYS: She probably felt uneasy telling you how much her life appears on the up since meeting her new man.

She is bowled over by his material possessions but time will tell whether she has found The One emotionally and whether he is someone who will make her happy.

Hang in there with her and stay in regular contact.

The time will probably come when she realises how much she still needs and values your friendship.

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