My fella is leaving me and our baby alone on Xmas so he can spend the day with his ex

I had been looking forward to our baby’s first Christmas and us being a family.

But I was horrified to hear he was accepting his wife’s invitation to spend Christmas together with their children and his mother-in-law.

He has two kids, aged 12 and 15. I expect him to want to see his kids but at the same time I am hurt as this would be our very first festive season together as new parents ourselves.

I feel I deserve better both for myself and our baby boy.  I feel sidelined.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your boyfriend is torn between loyalty to his two older children and your baby. Try and sort this out now rather than it causing distress every December.

If he can see both families that day, go for that.

Otherwise, agree he should alternate every year.

It may not be your ideal but would set a precedent, putting the children’s feelings first. Your baby won’t even be aware it is Christmas this year.

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