My wife has left me because I don't want to have any more children after my vasectomy

We’d discussed it before we married two years ago because I’d had a vasectomy a decade ago. I was always truthful and explained that I didn’t want any more kids.

She seemed fine with it. I have two boys from a previous relationship and they get on really well with my wife. I’m 44 and she is 37.

She says she is longing for a baby of her own now and can’t help her feelings have changing. She’s left me and is filing for divorce, but admits she misses me.

I’m sure she hasn’t met anyone else and I’m gutted I found happiness again and then it’s gone, just like that.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Your wife didn’t plan to deceive you but she was overwhelmed with the longing to have a baby as she entered the second half of her thirties. That’s common.

Tell her how much you love her. Ask her to pause the divorce while you talk more to see if you can move past this.

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