New MINT flavoured Maltesers buttons are coming to UK shops – The Sun

NEW mint flavoured Maltesers buttons are coming to the UK and we can't wait to get our hands on them.

Rather than have a crunchy, malt centre, like the originals, the new chocolates are sprinkled with bits of honeycomb.

Mars first launched the flattened-shaped Maltesers back in 2018 when speculation peaked that they would replace the spherical originals.

But choccie fans needn't have worried because the hit snacks sat on shelves alongside them.

The new minty fresh chocolates will be the UK's first flavoured Maltesers.

How much shoppers spend on the sweets will depend on what size they buy – there will be four on offer.

A single bag that weighs 32g will RRP at 66p, although you can get original Maltesers buttons for 55p from Sainsbury's.

A 68g treat bag or an 85g treat bag extra free will cost £1.19, while 102g pouch will set you back £2.09.

They're slightly more expensive than the original Maltesers, which cost 69p for a 68g bag from Lidl.

If you're worried about the calorie count then you might want to stick to the single bag – each one contains 166 calories, the same as the original buttons.

The snacks will be available to buy in most supermarkets from March 9 so you'll need to keep your eyes peeled if you want to get your hands on them.

Maltesers biscuits now exist and you can buy them in Asda for £1.50.

KitKat has also a launched a new gold four-finger bar with white chocolate and caramel.

Cadbury has also launched white chocolate bars stuffed with an Oreo biscuit centre. Drooling yet? We know we are.

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