New picture book showcases bizarre anthropomorphic wildlife

Great stuff! Book showcases VERY creative taxidermy – including a mouse taking a bubble bath and a magpie dressed as a nun

  • Picture book Taxidermy Goes Wild! showcases bizarre anthropomorphic wildlife
  • Scenes include two gophers falling in love and baby rabbits studying at school
  • Features the bust of a squirrel dressed as a cowboy and a magpie dressed as nun

A new picture book showcases bizarre taxidermy scenes, from two gophers falling in love to a magpie dressed as a nun. 

Taxidermy Goes Wild! by Rob Colson reveals the wonderfully weird anthropomorphic wildlife on display and for sale all around the world. 

From mice drinking wine in a bar, a moth playing the cello, and a mouse taking a bubble bath, the images will leave you both amused and confused. 

The book, which is available to purchase now, features scenes of a racoon eating peanut butter and a squirrel dressed as a cowboy. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the wonderfully weird taxidermy which is available around the globe.  

Squeaky clean! This image depicts a mouse taking a bubble bath in a bathroom complete with a rubber duck and a loofa 

 That’s nuts! This piece, named the Original Cowboy Squirrel, shows the rodent wearing a hat and a bandana while smoking a cigarette and playing cards 

Caught red handed! This life-size Raccoon taxidermy mount, which has already been sold, is posed in a sitting position and helping itself to a jar of peanut butter 

Team work! This scene on sale in Peru shows two anthropomorphic rodents, one of which is wearing a wooly hat, playing a harp together 

True love! This scene, from the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta features stuffed Gophers and is meant to represent towns people from the local area

Oh Christ! This piece, from Livics Taxidermy in Glasgow shows a stuffed magpie dressed in a nun’s habit 

Hopping mad! This 19th century original from Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter shows baby rabbits learning maths in a classroom

Caught in the act! This taxidermy piece shows a drunk looking anthropomorphic fox holding an empty martini glass 

Working hard!  This scene depicts a farrier chipmunk working on forging a horse shoe 

Musical Moth! This piece shows the insect busking for cash by playing the cello in the middle of the street  

A hard week! This taxidermy scene shows three mice socialising in a bar while drinking several bottles of wine 

Taxidermy Goes Wild!: The funkiest, freakiest (and outright creepiest) beastly scenes by Rob Colson, £9.99, is published by Cassell, 

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