Nicolas Cage Teases His Dracula Voice: Watch the Actor Give Us a Taste of ‘Renfield’

Next year, Nicolas Cage will be portraying the world’s most famous vampire Dracula in “Renfield,” a horror comedy about the count’s lovestruck familiar. And while the role has been portrayed in film by hundreds of actors over the years — from Bela Lugosi to Gary Oldman — the idiosyncratic actor is set to leave his own unique mark on the horror legend.

During an interview to promote his western drama “Butcher’s Crossing,” Cage spoke in the Variety TIFF Studio, presented by King’s Hawaiian, about developing his own take on the iconic Transylvanian accent of the vampiric count. Specifically, he revealed he took inspiration from Christopher Lee’s famous portrayals of the character while adding other elements to the part — including his own father, academic August Coppola.

“[It’s] kind of an amalgamation of a sort mid-Atlantic August Coppola accent combined with some Christopher Lee, with some Anne Bancroft thrown in for good measure” the actor told Variety film and media writer Angelique Jackson, before taking the opportunity to preview some his dialogue from the film. “Doesn’t he look like the kind of boy that has to fight them off? Yes, he does.”

Directed by Chris McKay, “Renfield” sees Cage play supporting to Nicholas Hoult as the titular familiar, with Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz and Brandon Scott Jones rounding out the cast. “Butcher’s Crossing” features Cage star alongside “White Lotus” breakout Fred Hechinger as two men who go on a dangerous buffalo hunting expedition in the 1870s. The film is directed by Gabe Polsky in his narrative feature debut, and is based on the 1960 novel by John Edward Williams.

“Renfield” will be released in theaters April 14 by Universal Pictures. “Butcher’s Crossing” premieres Sept. 9 at TIFF, and will be distributed by Saban Films at an unannounced date.

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