Nigella Lawson baffles with ‘disgraceful’ egg on leftover pizza breakfast

TV chef Nigella Lawson has divided foodies yet again with her latest kitchen creation.

The 60-year-old shared a photo of the questionable breakfast combination to her 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

She posted: "Now this is what I call a breakfast.

"Leftover pizza from my Friday night order, reheated and topped with a poached egg and splodge of chilli crisp."

Nigella shared the creation over the weekend where over 25,600 fans liked the post.

Although a lot of followers were keen on the idea, others were slightly confused with the unusual pizza topping.

One wrote: "Thus should never be called a pizza! It's a disgrace to the food of the gods."

Another added: "State of it."

Meanwhile, other followers were actually warming up to the idea of her leftover pizza.

An Instagram fan said: "Dream breakfast."

While a second commented: "Okay that's my idea of heaven. We are soulmates."

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Previously, Nigella posted a recipe for the "best chocolate cake ever".

On her website, Nigella explained the frosting of her cake is "softer, stickier than [what] you may be used to".

Explaining the cooking process, the chef said: "The mixture will seem very runny for ages once the chocolate has melted.

"And you will think you have a liquid gleaming glaze."

And on another occasion, the TV chef shared a mouth-watering recipe for a five-ingredient chocolate mousse.

Her simple recipe serves 4-6 people – perfect for a family meal – and it's very easy to make.

Nigella described it as "chocaliciously gorgeous" – and it's definitely got us licking our lips.

These tasty recipes are sure to jazz up your week for sure.

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