Noah Beck Insists Bryce Hall Apologize for Stripper Prank — Dixie D'Amelio's Mom Gets Involved!

“I saw it, and I thought it was trash,” Dixie’s mother declared. “That’s a mom’s opinion, don’t mess with my kids.”

Noah Beck is ready to put all the stripper prank drama behind him, but first he feels his girlfriend, Dixie D’Amelio, deserves an apology from the mastermind behind all the shenanigans, Bryce Hall.

“Bryce knows he kind of stepped over the line. It was a bit disrespectful, and he apologized to me. But he shouldn’t be apologizing to me. He should be apologizing to Dixie. But he knows. There’s really not much more to it,” Beck told photographers on Sunday while leaving dinner at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood.

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The 19-year-old TikTok star explained, “I had no idea what it was. I thought it was going to be a cute little animal… or some kind of scary animal. I didn’t think it was going to be strippers. But it is what it is. Some people were like, ‘Oh, he definitely knew.’ But I would not let that happen.”

For those who aren’t fully up-to-date, last Wednesday Hall posted a YouTube video “HIS GIRLFRIEND WASNT HAPPY ABOUT THIS…,” where Bryce revealed his plan to prank Noah and Dixie.

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Dixie D'Amelio Hangs Up On Noah Beck as Strippers Twerk Him in Bryce Hall Prank

The video started off by blindfolding Noah, and giving him headphones to put on so he couldn’t hear anything. Bryce then brought in two women now dubbed as strippers, and had them dance around Noah suggestively. While that occurred, Bryce FaceTimed Dixie and showed her Noah from behind, which did not paint the most loyal picture.

Dixie looked irritated and disgusted by what she saw and immediately hung up the phone. Then the gang got Dixie back on the line to explain themselves. To defend his innocence, Noah tells Dixie to “check the footage,” and pleads, “I didn’t even look I swear to god!”

“Ok, bye,” Dixie replies with a certain serious tone before hanging up for the second time.

However, it wasn’t just Dixie’s 49.1 million TikTok followers who showed their unhappiness with Hall… Dixie’s Mother, Heidi D’Amelio, got candid while talking with celebrity photog Kevin Wong about the prank.

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“I saw it, and I thought it was trash,” Heidi confessed. “That’s a mom’s opinion, don’t mess with my kids. It was hurtful and I didn’t like it. People can say I’m soft or whatever, I don’t care. Sorry, that’s how I feel.”

The mother of two continued, “I thought it was disrespectful. If that happened to me I wouldn’t like it. It happened to my daughter, she wasn’t happy about it at all. Bryce does what he does, you know, and then you keep moving, whatever.”

While Dixie’s Father, Marc D’Amelio, admitted her never watched the video but from what he’s heard it was “not his best prank.”

It seems Dixie’s still waiting for that apology, while the “Be Happy” singer has yet to respond publicly to the backlash over the prank.

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