November horoscope – Air sign should avoid popular colour in bedroom

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Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

The experts explained that for air signs, such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, minimalist style is the best choice as “they need their space to express themselves allowing their bold personalities to be the accent colour their decor needs”.

Astrologer Inbaal explained: “Air signs like to feel free. They love writing and describing their thoughts, a quill and a pot of ink won’t be out of place.”

The zodiac expert said air signs should avoid dark colours in the bedroom, such as forest green or blue, and instead opt for “airy colours – palest yellow, lightest grey, a whisper of blush”.

“Air signs are freedom fighters and are inspired by social justice, so you’ll find an old poster for a demonstration of equality. And sheer materials, gauze and gossamer.”

Bensons’ Senior Buyer, Lauren Jacques, added: “Make the most of your space and use a Scandi-inspired dresser for a writing desk and dressing table for when inspiration hits.”

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

Earth signs, such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are down to earth and like to feel stable, grounded and enjoy the outdoor inside aesthetic, and “their bedroom decor should reflect this”.

Inbaal commented: “Earth signs like to feel stable. They will have old maps and globes, antique weighing scales and other interesting features that remind them of their place in the world. They favour neutrals such as cream and beige, slate and coffee colours.”

“Think up-scale vintage when it comes to a grounding bedroom aesthetic. I’d suggest adding character and warmth with a rustic wooden bed frame. Dress the bed with timeless neutral tones and luxurious bedding for comfort,” Lauren added.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)

For fire signs, their bedrooms should be where they go to feel inspired and recharged, the space should be a balanced haven for creativity “where they retreat to following a day of excelling in their many hobbies”.

The astrologer suggested: “They will have original artworks around, and their own easel for when the mood strikes.

“Fiery colours are their palette – reds, oranges and deep yellow. Fires are very active so there will be sports equipment around, and, naturally, candles on ledges and walls – not too near the curtains, as most Fire signs are clumsy!”

Lauren added: “Pair fiery wall colours with modern, neutrals like a minimalistic ash wood bed frame with matching bedside tables. Stripping back your bedroom furniture will allow the more creative elements of your bedroom to stand out while creating a relaxing space of calm to rest.”

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

Water signs’ bedrooms “should be enthralling, complete with deep, dramatic colours and layered textures” that welcome them home after a busy day, the experts revealed.

Inbaal explained: “Water signs like to feel embraced. They will have shimmery bedding and lots of soft furnishings and wrap themselves in comfort.

“Their favourite colours are of course the many hues of water – blues, sea greens, turquoise, even some deep purples.”

“For ultimate comfort, opt for a plush upholstered headboard in luxurious velvet fabrics. We recommend opting for a dark, dramatic shade like navy blue or rich purple to feel surrounded by ocean tones,” Lauren suggested.

During Scorpio season in November, Scorpios require “comfort in their bedroom decor by using rich, dramatic colours and complex textures” to welcome them in after a long day.

According to Inbaal, it is essential to consider your zodiac sign when decorating the room as “when pulling together a bedroom design, it’s important to consider the basics”.

“Calming elements, personal tastes, the odd trend, but there needs to be an overarching theme to a room, to make it look like one unit”.

“Using your birth sign, or at the very least – your birth element as the common thread running through each purchase and decision will ensure that you feel at home in your bedroom space at all times,” he explained.

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