Only people with eagle eyes can spot the bunny hiding in tricky Easter puzzle

The Bank Holiday weekend is in full swing any many of us are throwing ourselves into festivities.

So if you want to get into the Easter spirit, listen up.

BlindsbyPost has created a cracking brainteaser that will put your vision to the test.

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All you need to do is spot the bunny hiding among the chocolate eggs.

It’s harder than it looks – especially as the Easter treats are all different colours, sizes and patterns.

You also may find it a bit difficult because of all the springtime flowers that are dotted around – as the petals look a bit like bunny ears!

How long will it take you to spot it? If you solve the puzzle in less than 30 seconds, it’s likely your vision is top notch.

And for those who are struggling, we’ve got some handy advice for you.

Try scanning your eyes across the image from left to right, working downwards as you go.

It’s a lot less overwhelming for the eyes – and this way, you hopefully won’t miss the Easter bunny.

Still finding it tricky? Focus on the Easter eggs and check to see if there’s a bunny face peeking out from behind.

We’d recommend looking on the left hand side of the picture too.

Scroll down to the bottom of this article to see if you got the puzzle correct!

And until then, here are some fun facts about Easter.

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 9. Easter Monday follows, which is a Bank Holiday.

Christians believe the festivity marks the end of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The celebration is a different calendar date every year – and this is due to the moon.

Easter is based on the notion that the holiday falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox.

The Church always recognises the Spring equinox as March 21, which means the absolute earliest Easter can fall is March 22.

The latest possible date for Easter is April 25.


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