OnlyFans stars using hairy methods to rake in up to £600k a year

The top earning OnlyFans creators are making millions on the adult subscription platform, which has rocketed in popularity since the pandemic.

The site now has over 170 million registered users, but with a massive 1.5 million content creators, it can be difficult to earn one of those top spots.

Now, OnlyFans creators are having to think more and more out of the box to secure a place among the highest earners.

And it seems that some stars have found the secret to success on the platform — hair.

A number of OnlyFans creators have been using their hair to make some serious money on the adult site, here's how they're doing it and how much money they make.

Camille Alexander

Camille Alexander is a model and musician who lives in London and she's been making some extra cash on OnlyFans.

Camille stopped getting rid of her body hair four years ago, and when creating an OnlyFans to find income during the coronavirus pandemic, she realised that her hairy body set her aside from other creators.

She told the Daily Star: "There is a niche area for hairy people and if you are a woman and have body hair, you can get some decent money through doing this,

"I have this one guy, he bought a lot of things from me all the time – He’ll be saying ‘can you send me your hair brush with your hair on it?’ Or ‘next time when you have a trim of your pubic hair, can you send me that?’

"One time he asked for some panties as well and I charged him £300 for that."

Camille claimed that she's been making £2,000 a month on OnlyFans.

Belle Grace

Belle Grace is a former healthcare worker who quit her job to become an OnlyFans model.

Since then, her earnings have skyrocketed to a huge £51,000 a month, meaning she's earning over £600,000 a year on the platform.

Belle makes her money by carrying out some bizarre requests, and lots of them are to do with her long locks.

She said: “I get requests for tickle videos, hair washing or hair plaiting videos as my hair is really long.

“Once a guy paid $400 (£295) just for me to wash and brush my hair whilst in the shower and watch the water drip from the bottom.”

Cherry the Mistress

Cherry the Mistress was studying to be a sex and relationship therapist when she realised she could have a much more lucrative career on OnlyFans instead.

Cherry is now a self-proclaimed "no shave babe" and says she can earn between £12,4560 to £16,500 a month for her content.

The OnlyFans creator made the decision to stop shaving before joining the platform, and was surprised to find out that her body hair was a popular niche.

She told the Daily Star: "My decision for not wanting to shave – it just happened really one day.

"I remember getting ready for a date. I got stood up on that date, and I thought 'Do you know what? I'm not going to shave anymore'.

"I noticed that changed everything for me in sex work as well.

"I'm seeing more hairy creators now, which is great."

Rojeana Macapagal

29-year-old project assistant Rojeana Macapagal has Rapunzel-like hair that she's been growing since she was a teenager.

The Arizona national now uses her knee-length hair to make some extra cash.

Last year she set up an OnlyFans account where she posts pictures and videos of herself playing with her hair, although unlike some of the other OnlyFans stars, she chooses not to make her content explicit.

Rojeana told the Daily Mail: "I don’t do nudes on my OnlyFans, it’s just all hair videos

"My requests are mostly for videos of me playing with my hair, trimming my hair, putting my hair in a bun, or having my hair tied up, sometimes shampooing my hair. Some people ask if I can do a shoot in a wind tunnel."

She charges between $20 (£16) to $60 (£49) for videos of her hair that are between three and 15 minutes long.

Candace Cynthia

Mum-of-one Candace Cynthia earns money on OnlyFans by selling pictures of her armpit, pubic and leg hair.

Candace, who's from Canada, decided to ditch the razor in 2018 after finding it too tiring after her narcolepsy diagnosis.

Now, the Mirror reports that she often earns over £1,000 a month by selling photos of her body hair.

She said: “When I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, I had to discover what works for me and decide where to put my energy.

“I am often tired and fatigued so shaving my whole body wastes too much energy. Shaving has never been something that brings me joy, it wasn’t helping me as I would feel exhausted after.

“I realised I was doing it for the comfort of other people. At first, I was nervous about going out in public with hairy legs and armpits but now I love to flaunt them.”

She added: “Some men are turned off by the hair as they aren’t open to it but I have found some are attracted, appreciative and accepting."

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