Optical illusion shows second ‘hidden tiger’ – but only 1% of people can find it

Optical illusions can be really painful for the head at times.

Some tricky illusions can show hidden images which could say a lot about you.

While others are so confusing it can make objects appear a different colour when they're not.

Now the latest image to really baffle the internet shows a tiger – but only 1% can spot the second "animal" hiding.

If you've spotted the second tiger, it means you're in the top 1% which is pretty good going as it's practically impossible to find.

But that's because the second "hidden tiger" isn't really an animal, it's actually the words "hidden tiger" spelled out, reports The Sun.

So how long will it take you to find the missing words?

If you look carefully at the animal's torso, you'll see the two words stretching across the stomach and down one of its back legs.

Optical illusions are good for researchers who are trying to understand the inner workings of our mysterious brains.

In 2017, scientists Kim Ransley and Alex O Holcombe said "visual illusions show that we don't have direct access to reality".

They added: "They can also provide an inkling of the mental processing that delivers our experience of the viewable world.

"Indeed, it is the processing happening inside our brains that is the basis for many illusions.

"Rather than delivering info from our eyes in raw form as a camera would, the brain tries to determine what is actually out there.

"When the information entering the eye is ambiguous, the brain must make educated guesses."

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