Parents of Conjoined Twins Who Were Separated After Miracle Surgery Are 'Excited' to Have Them Home

Six-month-old twin girls who were born conjoined at the stomach were separated after a successful surgery — and their parents couldn’t be happier to finally bring them home on Saturday.

“I’m terribly excited to have them home,” Andre Pitre, of Apopka, Florida, tells Fox 35 of her daughters.

Remi and Jesi were born sharing a liver and intestines, the outlet reports. They have been staying at a hospital in Gainesville with their mother, Angi Pitre, while Andre has been home with their other children.

“Now knowing what I know, I said, ‘Wow this is very different from what I thought it would be,’ ” said Andre, who found out along with his wife that she was pregnant shortly after Hurricane Irma. Angi went into labor on Mother’s Day.

After they were born, “when one would get upset, the other would reach out with a foot and touch the other’s leg,” Andre added.

Just two months after they were born, the sisters had the separation surgery, which was followed by seven additional surgeries. They also experienced breathing, blood pressure and electrolyte issues.

Andre told the Orlando Sentinel that they can already see the differences in their daughters’ personalities following the operation.

“They’re the polar opposite. Jesi will be our philosopher and Remi will be our Hannah Montana wannabe,” he said.

Andre and Angie, both 34, got married in 2016, according to the newspaper, and Angie already had two children. When they decided to have kids together, they thought it wouldn’t happen as fast as it did.

During a sonogram, the twins were formed in the shape of a heart, the Orlando Sentinel reports, and doctors thought something was wrong. They then confirmed the twins’ livers and small intestines were fused together.

“We didn’t know we were having twins, much less conjoined twins,” said Andre.

According to the newspaper, Angie went on unpaid leave from work, and they created a GoFundMe page that has since raised $10,000. At the same time, Andre worked three jobs and would drive with the kids every week to spend time with their mom and baby sisters.

“This Saturday, I’ll move everyone home,” Andre told the Orlando Sentinel.

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