People are convinced this Cocker Spaniel's blonde hair is fake

She’s woof it! Cocker Spaniel’s blonde mane is so luscious that strangers ask if she’s wearing a WIG – and even take photos to show their own hairdressers

  • Three-year-old Cocker Spaniel Lola blessed with a luscious blonde head of hair  
  • Owner Rebecca Dobson, from Leeds, says strangers think dog’s hair is fake 
  • They first think Lola is either wearing wig or had her hair dyed when see her 

A cokcer spaniel has such luscious blonde locks that strangers are convinced the canine is wearing a wig. 

Rebecca Dobson, from Leeds, is the proud owner of Lola, three, who has a head full of stunning blonde hair despite her body being darker, causing strangers to stop in their tracks.

The 22-year-old says that she is regularly stopped when she is walking her golden-haired pooch and asked if she has dyed Lola’s hair or if she’s wearing a wig.

And the pooch’s locks are so beautiful, people even take her snap to the hairdresser as hair inspiration.  

Rebecca, who runs a doggy daycare business, added: ‘Lola received endless comments about her hair and she absolutely loves the attention it gets her.

Lola, a three-year-old Cocker Spaniel from Leeds, pictured, has such luscious hair that strangers always think she is wearing a wig

The pup enjoys a blonde mop of hair that is lighter than the rest of her coat, pictured, making her stand out. People think the hair is either fake or dyed, Rebecca said  

Rebecca revealed she blow dries her dog’s locks for a voluminous effect, and said that her hair is long enough to plait  

‘She laps it up when people are fussing over her.

‘We are constantly stopped by people who say that they thought she was wearing a wig because of her long blonde hair.

‘Because the hair on her head is such a different colour to the hair on her body, people immediately assume it’s fake.

‘They either think she is wearing a wig or that we have been dyeing it blonde which I find really funny.

On top of her incredibly luscious locks, Rebecca said cocker spaniel Lola, pictured, is an adorably cuddly dog

Some people have even taken snaps of Lola’s hair to show the shade of blonde they’d like at the hairdresser

‘They’re so shocked when we tell them it’s completely natural because of how beautiful it is.

‘It’s the perfect blonde. I have even had people tell me they’ve taken pictures of Lola’s hair to their hairdresser to show them the colour that they want.

‘Everyone is very jealous of her gorgeous hair.’

Lola’s hair wasn’t always as long and blonde as it is now.

When she was a puppy she just had light fluff all over her body, but as she got older it just kept getting longer and blonder.

Rebecca, a doggy daycare owner, explained Lola’s hasn’t always been this blonde, but her hair has lightened up and grown over the year 

The Cocker Spaniel’s mop of hair has earned her a lot of pets and compliments, and her tail ‘never stops wagging,’ Rebecca said 

Rebecca said: ‘We never expected her to look how she does now.

‘But when I first noticed how long her hair was getting I was so excited to start styling it and using accessories.

‘I love playing about with her hair and she loves me doing it too.

‘As she as she is being touched and getting attention, she is happy. Her tail never stops wagging.

Lola showing off her mane. Rebecca revealed her dog loves to have her hair played with when they cuddle 

Dog lover Rebecca even styles three-year-old Lola’s hair with bows and pins and sometimes styles it into pigtails when the weather is windy 

‘I love doing pigtails at the side of her head. We usually do this style when it is windy to keep her hair out of her eyes.

‘And we also love doing plaits and using bows. It looks so cute.’

Rebecca says that Lola is a pampered pooch and even had the nickname, Lady Lola.

She added: ‘She loves having her hair blow-dried and she also enjoys a cup of tea and scrambled egg on a Sunday morning.

Having fun in the snow! The ‘spoiled’ pet is always by her owner’s side and enjoys her own Sunday Roast

‘She definitely gets spoiled.

‘She also enjoys a Sunday roast with us too.

‘She is the cuddliest dog in the world and is always by my side.

‘She loves getting attention from humans than she does from other dogs, so when people stop and fuss her about her hair, she is at her happiest.’

Rebecca cuddling up with Lola. The dog lover revealed the three-year-old Cocker Spaniel loves the attention she gets from strangers 

Stylish Lola, pictured, is at her ‘happiest’ when people fuss over her, doting owner Rebecca revealed 

Pictured showing off her locks. People cannot believe that Lola’s hair is ‘fur’ real and always assume it’s fake 

The pup always earns herself compliments from strangers passing her by in the street thanks to her locks, pictured

Paws-ing for the camera. Rebecca said Lola’s hair wasn’t always so blonde or so long when she was a puppy and grew over time 

The puppy with her golden locks. Rebecca said she loves to style her pooch’s hair into different looks 

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