People have only just realised what the plastic thing on a clothes horse is for

Let’s face it, dryers are expensive – and so is renting homes that have them.

Most of us stick to good old-fashioned airers, putting washing on there to dry out with simple fresh air.

However, you might not be using your trusty clothes airer to its full potential, as people are realising theirs have an extra handy feature they’d never noticed before.

On a cleaning page on Facebook, one woman posted a picture of her fresh washing, asking what each attachment was on her new rack.

Comments poured in from others, letting the woman know that there’s a handy plastic part that helps your smalls dry evenly.

‘You slot your socks and undies in there, it is fantastic,’ wrote one person.

That same person also showed their own delicates hanging in the peg-like slots, and others were shook.

Simply slot pants or socks through the holes, saving yourself space on the rack and helping the air circulate.

Even more comments came in from people who couldn’t believe they didn’t know about this before.

It may seem obvious now you know, but who really looks at their drying rack to see what different parts do?

If your airer doesn’t have this attachment, don’t worry too much. As recommended by people in the group, you can buy hangers or clips for your line that do the same job.

One said: ‘I have some removable ones called Grippies which I use on my normal washing line. I love it – it is so good for tea towels and socks and undies.’ 

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