People reveal first date disasters that put them off a second date

People reveal the bizarre first date disasters that put them off meeting for a second time 

  • Reddit users shared most awkward and off-putting experiences on a first date
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People from around the world have been sharing the awkward and off-putting first date disasters that put them off going on a second date.

The unlucky daters shared their stories on Reddit, in response to a question posed by US-based forum user @whiteneywestmoreland. 

Taking to the subreddit r/AskReddit, the anonymous user wrote a post in which they asked others to share their experiences.

In the post, they wrote: ‘What’s something that happened on a first date that made you decide against a second date?’ 

The question prompted 5,200 responses (at the time of writing), more than 7,600 likes, and a shocking array of stories highlighting the ignorance, obnoxiousness, arrogance and oddities of some daters.

Reddit users from around the world have taken to Reddit to share some of their dating disasters, from hygiene misses to rudeness (stock image)

One person wrote about a time they met with a man who attempted to control the meal during the date, saying: ‘He tried to change my order because I didn’t order what he’d recommended.’ 

Another user had been put off going on a second date because the person they’d met used a dirty pocket knife to cut them a slice of cake.

They wrote: ‘He used his pocket knife to cut me a slice of cake, and later scraped some dirt clumps off of his shoe with the same knife. I asked him if he ever cleaned his knife, and he replied, “no, why?”.’

The user continued: ‘He also confessed that he was madly in love with me the same day. We had just met.’

In another shockingly antisocial move, one person revealed their date told them: ‘The welts on my crotch aren’t contagious.’ 

And a further disgruntled dater revealed that their date had ‘kept writing to her friends on WhatsApp [sharing] a play-by-play of the date instead of listening to me’.

They concluded: ‘So I stood up, paid my dinner, and left because I found it disrespectful.’

Another peeved person said about his date: ‘Talked about her ex the whole time. Also halfway through, she told me she was still with him. Also he was her husband.’

A whopping 5,200 people shared details of their terrible first meets – highlighting the ignorance, obnoxiousness, arrogance and oddities of their dates

One Reddit user had been left perplexed and turned off after his date spent most of the date discussing odd conspiracy theories. They wrote: ‘Told me that aliens cause jet lag and that I have the ghost of a fisherman following me around named Samuel (on top of the 20 other bats**t things she said at dinner). This was last night.’

A final commenter revealed how his date would not refrain from telling him about how many men were available at her disposal in their hometownHe said: ‘She kept talking about the “emergency d**k” she had stashed around the city. 

‘She was like “I don’t go without. I have plenty of emergency d**k around town.”

‘And when I say she kept going on, I mean she KEPT GOING ON. She was telling me about the two guys downtown, three in the suburbs, one near campus, and two in her apartment complex.

‘It honestly sounded like I was new to town and she was giving me a rundown of all the best places to visit.’

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