People reveal the twists that took place on their second date

‘I farted in front of him’: People reveal the unexpected twists and turns they’ve experienced on second dates – and some will make your toes curl

  • Whisper users have shared both good and bad stories from their second dates
  • Many people shared how they were able to overcome embarrassing moments
  • One woman was coaxed by her date to stop hiding after she accidentally farted 

From an accidental fart to an impromptu trip to McDonald’s, these posts reveal the unexpected twists and turns that can take place on a second date.  

Writing on the anonymous confessions app Whisper, people from around the world have contributed stories of their most memorable second dates.  

While many people had happy interactions that signaled the start of a blossoming relationship, others told how theirs highlighted negative personality traits that they hadn’t noticed on their first meeting.  

Here, Femail shares some of the best examples…  

People from around the world have shared stories of their second date on Whisper. One individual spoke candidly about wanting their date to improve their kissing technique 

A woman who had previously dated millionaires came to the conclusion that her new partner is ‘perfect’ because he suggested McDonald’s for their second date 

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One person revealed they had to be coaxed out of hiding after accidentally farting on the second date 

Another woman told how she ordered her partner a salad on their second date because he ordered one for her on their first meet up – without asking what she wanted

A married woman with two children looked back fondly on her decision to sleep with her now-husband on their second date

One man told how a woman who has herpes was surprised to be asked on a second date

Another individual decided the man she was dating was a ‘keeper’ after he suggested they visit a used books shop together

A woman who met a man who showed affection through old-fashioned chivalry questioned if she was missing something after he waited until the second date to kiss her  

One person confessed her decision to hook up with her partner on the second date was a deliberate decision to use him

Another woman revealed her hope to find a nice guy was restored by a man who suggested hiking as a second date

Another contributor to the thread confessed they use second dates to examine their partner’s eating habits before making plans for the future

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