People share the the most entitled messages they've received

Manners cost nothing! People share the VERY infuriating messages they’ve received from entitled people who will make your blood boil

  • People from across globe have shared rude demands they’ve had from strangers
  • Heated texts and exchanges were collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda 
  • One man was caught trying to guilt-trip a seller into lowering is product prices 

While the majority of us are brought up to believe that everybody in the world is equal, these infuriating messages suggest that not all feel the same way.  

People from across the US have shared the rude texting conversations they have had with very demanding strangers – and they may just make your blood boil.

Amongst the exchanges, shared on Bored Panda, is one cheeky classmate who borrowed a pair of wireless headphones but refused to give them back to their rightful owner after assuming they were a gift. 

Elsewhere, businesses created signs addressed to their demanding customers to ensure that they wouldn’t be pestered with any unnecessary questions. 

People from across the globe have shared the most entitled messages they have ever received. A UK-based business pointed out a client who was trying to book their services for free (pictured)

A seller, from the US, refused to backtrack on his initial asking price when a woman tried to guilt-trip him into accepting a reduced offer

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A man, from England, had the perfect answer when a disgruntled customer asked him for a price reduction because he was taking ‘too long’ to reply 

A man from Hendersonville, Tennessee, was shocked when someone tried to further bargain an item he was giving away for free

A man from Albany, New York, shared the printed message he spotted at a local theatre in Oregon 

This store had had enough of entitled clients complaining about their return policy so made things clear in their post 

Another man, from the US, shared this hilarious post highlighting the different between ‘Terry’ who was appreciative of free beer, and ‘Leigha,’ who was not 

This person, from the US, was shocked when their driver tried to donate money to a homeless man – only for it to be refused because it was too low an amount 

Another man, from Mexico, was dismayed when a woman he had offered to help pay for her shopping asked if she could get more products 

A US-based student explained how her classmate slept over and then refused to give back the headphones she borrowed 

An artist, from Europe, revealed how an influencer tried to take advantage of him by requesting he drew their portrait – but refused to pay

One employee, from the US, regretted letting his boss borrow his Netflix account after he started to use it of his own accord

A drummer living in Germany was shocked when he was asked to book an international flight in order to play a gig for free

A guitar player, from the US, realised he had an entitled friend when the latter got annoyed that he bought himself a brand new guitar

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