People share their best dogspotting snaps

Dogspotting diaries! People share funny and adorable snaps of pooches they have met out in public

  • Bored Panda has collated a gallery of the sweet photos from around the world
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They are often described as man’s best friend and are the most beloved domestic pet around the world.

For a dog lover, their day is lit up when they see a pooch out in public, whether they’re loyally strolling next to their owner or up to mischief.

Bored Panda invited people around the world to share the funniest and sweetest encounters they have had with dogs out in public.

For some, their memorable encounters with the four-legged friends have been fleeting as they pass the pets in cars.

Others are lucky enough to have been able to meet the pooches up close.

People have shared their funniest encounters with pooches in their ‘dogspotting diaries’ – including this sausage dog who completed a race with its owner on some hot wheels

It’s clear that some of the dogs have left an impression on the people who took the snaps – and how could they not?

One sweet photo shows a puppy peering out of a papoose on her owner’s shoulder as she does a spot of shopping.

Another snap shows a black Labrador trialling for a new job at McDonald’s – and it’s clear he makes a diligent employee!

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the most entertaining snaps of ‘dogspotting’ encounters… 

And…. relax – this pooch, in Skiathos, Greece, made herself the perfect advert for this travel agent, showing customers just how much they can expect to unwind on holiday

The most wonderful surprise! This woman’s handbag is likely hot property, as she is secretly squirreling away three gorgeous puppies

So squishy! This adorable and affectionate pooch is desperate for a bit of love and attention from the person who took the photo

The captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt signs, please return to your seat: This little terrier was up to mischief on a flight and had to be carried back to its seat by an unimpressed owner

Hello there! One person, who was out doing their gardening, received a lovely surprise when they reached the fence 

Double trouble! This pair of Husky-style breeds were eager to get a little bit of fresh air while their owner parked up 

McDonald’s’ most loyal employee! A Black Labrador diligently picked up a bag full of fast food to deliver it to his owner – and he didn’t even try to sneak a French fry!

Look at that face! This puppy could melt the iciest of hearts as it peers out of a pink papoose on its owner’s shoulder

A Himalayan high five! This windswept pooch, based in the Nepalese mountain range, welcomes visitors in the best way

Nothing to see here: This sweet terrier takes advantage of its much bigger sibling and takes a perch on its back

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