Peterborough gifts that are sure to impress mom this Mother’s Day

The clock is ticking on finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

The good news? Peterborough has plenty of options for everyone, whether you’re looking at going the traditional route or searching for something more outside the box.

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for florists.

“The orders start coming in all week long,” said Tracey Hopcroft, owner of Always in Bloom. “We try to get on them as soon as we can so things don’t pile up … Some people like to preorder and get them out early but (a) majority of them will come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday.”

Flowers are the go-to Mother’s Day gift, and that adds some extra pressure.

“I’m a mom myself,” said Hopcroft. “I have a mom so I want it to be special for everyone’s mom because you think of the moms yourself.”

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with mom outside the house on Sunday, Tiny Greens Plant Cafe will be running a build-your-own-terrarium workshop.

Customers get to choose their pot, how many plants they want and their supplies.

“The nice thing about terrarium building is that you do it together and then you take it home,” said Tiny Greens Plant Cafe owner Tina Bromley. “You watch it grow, and it’s this nice memory of something you’ve done together.”

Spots can be booked online or at the store.

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