Piers Morgan clashes with columnist during a veganism debate on GMB

Piers Morgan clashes with columnist Liz Jones as she argues that veganism SHOULD be made a religion on GMB

  • Presenter got into a heated debate with the columnist about vegan as a religion 
  • Columnist said she worshipped animals and wants to be protected from ridicule 
  • Piers argued that she wasn’t a perfect vegan because she ate bread and eggs 

Piers Morgan got into a heated debate with columnist Liz Jones on GMB on Wednesday, over her calls for veganism to be treated as a religion. 

The controversial Good Morning Britain host accused the writer, who describes herself as a practising vegan but confessed to sometimes eating eggs, of wanting to ‘end the human race’ because she suggested humans are the ‘most dangerous animal on the planet’, and could not continue to consume meat.

It follows news of a landmark employment tribunal that is currently debating whether ethical veganism should be considered a religion, which greatly offended Piers.

Liz said she worshipped animals as her god and believed that it being considered a religion would help protect her from ridicule; but Piers fiercely questioned her dedication to being a vegan after she confessed to eating eggs.

Piers Morgan and Liz Jones clashed over calls for veganism to be made a religion, with the columnist saying that it would protect her from ridicule 

Piers also accused her of not caring about the billions of insects he said are harmed in the process of bread-making.  

‘These are sacred animals it doesn’t matter what size they are… Ask any farmer, billions of insects get murdered,’ Piers said.

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‘You are eating your bread, toast, munching baguettes, abusing people like me who eat steak, but you don’t care about the little guys do you?’

As Liz attempted to defend her stance on bread he asked: ‘So are you going to stop eating bread then?’

‘I do eat bread. But vegans do the best that we can, we live the best life that we possibly can.’

Liz said: ‘To me [veganism] is more important than Brexit this is the debate about the future of the planet and how we treat the animals we share it with.’ 

An incredulous Piers blasted Liz for not being a dedicated vegan because she confessed to eating eggs from her own chickens and bread that ‘murders billions of insects’

Liz defended her stance explaining that if the human race were to continue to consume meat the way we are it would destroy the planet

But as Piers questioned the extent to which veganism could be applied to certain situations, he asked if all living organism should not be harmed including disease, adding: ‘So we would all die?’ 

‘Well I haven’t had children so I am not perpetuating the most dangerous animals on this planet,’ Liz said.

Infuriated by her response Piers said: ‘So just to clarify I think you just said you want to end the human race?’

Liz chuckled at Piers’ anger, saying in response: ‘There are too many humans on this planet. If we continue to eat meat the way we do… 

‘If you care about children you would be vegan because that is the only way we will feed the planet.’

Liz was joined by Rev Richard Coles who tried to diffuse the tension during the heated debate suggesting that both vegans and meat eaters would have to live side-by-side

Piers was unimpressed with the idea that ethical veganism could be made a religion questioning what their god would be

Piers continued to berate Liz’s stance asking if she would really consider ‘culling humans’. 

‘I wouldn’t cull children, I’m saying if you’re so concerned about the human race the only way we’re going to feed ourselves is by not eating meat. 

‘It has been scientifically proven, we cannot continue to consume meat in the way we do. Because children are starving.’

An incredulous Piers also blasted the writer for confessing that she eats eggs from her own chickens because she knew their names.

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