Playboy Bunny saw ‘ghost in sports bra’ using ‘secret door’ in Hef’s mansion

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    A former Playboy Bunny "tripped out" after a spooky encounter with a scantily clad 'ghost' who disappeared down a secret passage in Hugh Hefner's infamous mansion.

    Holly Madison, who dated Hefner, described seeing the apparent ghost wearing a sports bra and wandering through the magazine mogul's Playboy Mansion.

    She told Bridget Marquardt, another ex-Bunny who went out with Hefner, the house could have been haunted.

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    “The first one I had happened very early on for me, it was like right after I moved in," she told the Girls Next Level podcast.

    Holly said she was on the treadmill in the Mansion’s gym when she spotted the so-called spectre.

    She said: “I see this girl walk out of the tanning bed room, and walk across to where the weight machines are, so I couldn’t see her.

    “I didn’t know who she was, but that wasn’t unusual because when women would come out to test for Playmate or shoot different pictorials, they would be flown in from out of town, and they would stay on the grounds in the guest house.

    “She didn’t look old-fashioned or anything, she looked contemporary, she was in regular workout wear, blonde hair… but I knew I didn’t recognise her.”

    When the girl didn't return from the weights area, Holly decided to introduce herself – only to find she had vanished into thin air.

    She continued: “In the weights area there’s mirrored walls like a dance studio, and there was a cutout of a door in the wall, and there was a secret passage to get down to the gym.”

    Next to the cutout was another door, which Holly assumed the young woman had exited through.

    But when she inspected more closely, she was given a shock.

    She said: “I popped the door open and it was a really shallow closet that was packed to the brim with posters and framed photos. So I was like, ‘where did she go?’ So I tripped out on that for a while."

    Holly and Bridget both featured on the Girls Next Door reality series, which profiled Hefner's lavish lifestyle.

    The former moved out of the Mainsion in 2009, eight years before Hefner's death. Since then she has embraced her fascination with the paranormal, hosting a podcast on which she even described hearing a ghostly apparition of her dog.

    In the Girls Next Level episode, Holly and Bridget speculated about who the ghost might have been, ruling out Dorothy Stratten, a Playmate who was murdered by her boyfriend in 1980.

    “The gym wasn’t even built when she was there, and it didn’t look like somebody from a different era; she had straight blonde hair and a really basic sports bra and workout pants,” she added.

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