Popular Heists: 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Robberies Of All Time

While the lifestyle of the rich and famous might look glamorous, there is always a dark side to fame. Being surrounded by crowds of fans that make them famous and wealthy, celebrities become targets for robberies due to their lavish lifestyles and extravagant belongings. More recently, robbers and potential intruders have begun tracking celebrities through their social media platforms that give a glimpse into their location and personal life at all times. Even though celebrities keep security around them at all times and ensure their families are safe, they still fall victim to dangerous thefts and burglaries.

From singers and actors to reality stars, many A-list celebrities have fallen victim to expensive robberies over the years. Most of the celebrities on the list have lost valuables like jewelry and watches worth millions. Let’s look at the most expensive celebrity robberies of all time.

10 John Mayer

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The first on the list is singer John Mayer whose Beverly Hills home was broken into in August 2018. The home was ransacked at noon, but Mayer wasn’t home, fortunately. According to Billboard, goods worth $200,000 were stolen from his beloved watch collection. Additionally, some pieces of his musical equipment were also stolen, but the suspect was never found.

9 Alanis Morissette

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Acclaimed singer Alanis Morissette lost $2 million worth of jewelry and other items when her Brentwood home was burglarized in February 2017. The police had reported that the burglar entered the house and stole an entire safe that contained her valuables. While Morissette lives in the safest neighborhood in LA, the area has seen increased criminal activity over the last few years.

8 Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton has been living in the same Beverly Hills home for a long time. Her home has been burgled seven times. Between 2008 and 2009, a group of teenagers called The Bling Ring Gang stole jewelry worth $2 million and many of the reality star’s designer outfits. In 2013, the house was robbed again, and the intruder stole pictures, bikinis, and a few purses from her collection.

7 Simon Cowell

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In December 2015, Simon Cowell received a shock of a lifetime when his home was robbed while he was asleep in his house. The robbery occurred at 1:20 AM when Cowell was asleep in the Master Bedroom with his girlfriend. His son, the nanny, and a security guard were also present on the property at the time. More than $1 million worth of jewelry was stolen from the home along with passports and expensive watches, as noted by BBC.

6 Rihanna

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Stars have to always be careful about what they post to their millions of followers on social media. After Rihanna posted information that she was not in her residence, her home was burglarized. Not once but twice. While the stolen items were not listed publicly, it was worth a fortune. The same burglars were responsible for other celebrity break-ins, and they were sentenced to a few years in prison.

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5 Hilary Duff

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Hilary Duff was left shaken when her Beverly Hills home was burglarized in 2017 while she was on a family vacation in Canada. The robbers stole $100,000 worth of jewelry and escaped without triggering any alarms at her home. The intruder broke into her mansion after posting her vacation photos on her social media platforms.

4 Rita Ora

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In June 2016, a celebrity-obsessed robber Charaf Elmoudden who was accused of breaking into various celebrity homes, broke into Rita Ora’s while she and her sister were still in the house. They locked themselves in the room while the intruder stole $200,000 worth of jewelry and electronics, as stated by Daily Mail. The burglar was found guilty and sentenced to jail after multiple court hearings.

3 Kate Moss

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In 2018, model Kate Moss was a victim of a burglary when an art thief stole three art pieces, including a portrait worth $115,000. The robbery in her London home occurred while she was asleep in her bedroom. The limited-edition pieces were not recovered; however, a suspected art thief was taken into custody for questioning.

2 Nicki Minaj

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Burglars decided to break into Nicki Minaj’s rented property in Los Angeles while the rapper was not in town. The intruders stole jewelry and other property worth $200,000 and vandalized the place by breaking photo frames, destroying furniture and perfume bottles, and tearing her expensive clothing.

1 Kim Kardashian

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One of the most publicized and talked-out celebrity robberies occurred in 2016 when Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. The star was attending multiple fashion shows during the Paris Fashion Week, and she retreated to her guesthouse at one in the morning. Five burglars entered her room and held her at gunpoint. As mentioned by Vanity Fair, within 49 minutes, they stole her 20-carat diamond ring worth $4 million and a jewelry box that had 12 items. The total value of the items stolen was $5.6 million.

Other celebrities who have also fallen victim to thefts include Tupac Shakur, Nicole Scherzinger, and Benedict Cumberbatch. While they may have suffered a traumatic experience, celebrities have tightened their security to ensure their privacy and their family members to not fall victim to another robbery.

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