"Price Is Right" Contestant Picks A Bad Moment For A Bathroom Break

A recent contestant on “The Price Is Right” was caught right in the middle of a bathroom break when her name was called.

According to Today, one lucky member of “The Price Is Right” audience happened to be unlucky enough to be in a seat other than her assigned one on the set of the game show when her name was chosen as the next contestant.

For those who are unfamiliar with the show, “The Price Is Right” has been going strong since 1972 and may have the strongest cult following in game show history. Hopeful contestants wait months for tickets, hours in line and dress in costumes and come up with fun gimmicks and themes in the hope of increasing their chances of being picked, to get extra camera time or just for camaraderie. Truly, there seems to be something in the air of the studio where the game show is recorded. The entire audience seems to band together in solidarity, a giant family cheering each other on and shouting out helpful suggestions.

Recently, one contestant found out just how much of a family atmosphere the game show studio can transform into when she was chosen to come on down… though the poor woman was in the most unfortunate place at that moment.


“Tara Armstrong, come on down!” the show’s announcer, George Gray said. “You’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right.”

The camera began to pan, searching for Armstrong and while the audience clapped, cheered and looked around. The camera began combing over the audience in search of an excited Armstrong making her way to the stage. But no one stood.

This was most unusual since every member of the audience is hoping to hear their name and it’s commonplace for the chosen contestant to jump up and scream with joy. So Gray tried again, this time with even more enthusiasm. “Tara Armstrong, come on down!” Finally, the camera caught audience members pointing towards the back where the game show’s restrooms are located.

“Is she… ?” the announcer said when Armstrong’s location became apparent. “She’s in the bathroom.”


Host Drew Carey couldn’t help but laugh out loud (can’t blame him) and when the restless crowd began to chant, “Tara! Tara! Tara!”, an ecstatic Armstrong finally emerged from backstage and ran towards Carey, high-fiving guests as she went.

“Hi Tara, nice to see you,” Carey said with a chuckle. “Thought you’d never get here, so glad you could make it.”

“Nice to meet you,” Tara said with a meek smile. “Sorry. I had to go to the restroom, I’m so sorry.”

“I’d shake your hand but that’s all right,” Carey said.

Turns out that Carey is just a big joker. Armstrong ended up winning a round of bidding and celebrated with a hug from the host who happily accepted.

Would you have been embarrassed or played the situation down like Armstrong did? Let us know in the comments!

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