Queen Rania of Jordan opens up about 'unforgettable' Coronation

‘King Charles is focused on inclusivity’: Queen Rania of Jordan opens up about ‘unforgettable’ Coronation ceremony for ‘insightful, genuine and empathetic’ monarch

  • Royal, 52, travelled to the UK with husband  King Abdullah II last weekend
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Queen Rania of Jordan has opened up about King Charles’ ‘unforgettable’ Coronation ceremony and labelled the monarch an ‘insightful, genuine and empathetic’ ruler.

The Queen, 52, travelled to the UK last weekend with her husband King Abdullah II, 61, to watch the historic service. 

Speaking to People, the mother-of-four said she was ‘impressed’ by how Charles had updated the service since the late Queen was crowned in 1952.

During the ceremony, the King received a greeting from representatives of the Jewish, Sikk,  Muslin, Buddhist and Hindu faiths. 

Describing how an ‘inclusive’ Charles had ‘put his own stamp’ on the traditional service, Rania said: ‘It felt very natural to see representatives of different religions play a role in the service. 

Queen Rania, 52, pictured arriving at Westminster Abbey with King Abdullah II, 61, to watch the Coronation of King Charles last week

‘This was unprecedented in Britain’s history, but it showed how focused His Majesty is on inclusivity.’ 

As well as cutting down the service to just two hours, King Charles also added crowned royals to the guest list, meaning a number of kings and queens were able to take part in the pageantry.

For centuries, convention dictated that no other crowned royals should attend the coronation of a British monarch, in a tradition that lasted for 900 years. 

What’s more, the monarch said she was deeply moved by the ‘unforgettable’ ceremony.

She continued: ‘The ceremony was beautiful and unforgettable. It struck the perfect balance of solemnity, spectacle, and spirituality.’

Over the course of their 24-year reign, Rania and Abdullah have met several members of the British Royal Family.

During the interview, Rania described Charles as an ‘excellent listener’ and says he’s ‘in his element’ when speaking to the public about the causes close to his heart – such as the environment.

The mother added: ‘In our every meeting, King Charles has always shown himself to be insightful, genuine, and empathetic – indispensable qualities to a monarch.’

King Charles and Queen Camilla pictured travelling in the Gold State Carriage following their Coronation at Westminster Abbey

As such, the Queen concluded that Charles will be a ‘progressive’ ruler.

Rania also noted that Queen Camilla’s ‘kindness, passion and warmth shone through’ on their last visit to Jordan.

During the 2021 tour, the newly-crowned Queen accompanied Rania to a meeting with female domestic abuse survivors. 

What’s more, the royal couple flew over to the UK for the Queen’s funeral last September.

Rania seemed fond of the late monarch and she referred to her as the ‘Queen of the World’ in a sweet Instagram tribute last year.

Sharing a snap of herself with her husband at the state funeral in London she wrote: ‘Bidding farewell to a Queen whose legacy will never fade or be forgotten. With His Majesty at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in the UK.’

She said: ‘Despite being the most important person in the room, she always made you feel like the most important person in the room.

‘She just had a very gentle and subtle way about her. Her elegance wasn’t just in her appearance but in the way she lived her life.

Queen Camilla pictured attending a state banquet with Queen Rania during a royal of Jordan in November 2021

King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan pictured leaving for the Queen’s funeral in September 2022

‘I just have the most wonderful memories of her, throughout the years, every time I met her, I felt she was warmer and warmer.

‘She didn’t always presume that you wanted her advice but she was very generous when you asked for it. I really looked up to her. To me, she is the queen of the world.’

Queen Rania also expressed her confidence in King Charles III as a leader calling him ‘incredibly intelligent.’ 

In 2020, the King admitted that people thought he was ‘dotty’ when he began speaking about the importance of protecting the environment to the Countryside Steering Committee for Wales. 

At the age of 21, Charles delivered his first impassioned speech about his personal concern over oil pollution and single-use plastic.

He also told how, as a teenager in the 1960s, he was concerned about the destruction of trees, wetlands and habitats as well as ‘the white heat of progress and technology to the exclusion of nature and our surroundings’.

In his 1970 address, Charles highlighted a problem that has become an illustration of humanity’s threat to nature.

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